Q: How do I combat identity theft?

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hello this my question: how do i combat identity theft?, may you answer me please
To prevent identity theft there are a variety of things you can do.


First, identity theft is usually when others pretend to be you, so they can use your identity, usually for illegal purposes. Some of these purposes are using your identification information to use your credit record as their own, for instance to get credit cards or make purchases. Another use is for crossing borders. For instance, terrorists or drug runners may pretend to be someone else when going between countries.

Protecting key information

Most "identity theft" begins with the thief collecting the information that he or she will need to fill in an application or request form. So, you can protect yourself by restricting the people who have access to that information.
* Don't throw out documents containing personal information. Instead, destroy them.
* When using the internet, make sure you only go to sites that you trust, as they could steal your information.
* To fend off higher tech thieves, consider purchasing an RFID blocking wallet.
* Don't share personally identifying information in public places unnecessarily.
*: For instance, don't post your birthday and place of birth, your name and current address all in one place. (Many people do that without thinking much about it on places like Facebook.) Although much of this information is available from public places already, make the thief work harder, and he or she will probably use the ID of someone else who made it easy. ...

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