Q: How can I connect my iPod to my stereo What line out cable do I need?

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my question:how can i connect my ipod to my stereo what line out cable do i need?
It is dependent on what kind of iPod you have. I will presume that your iPod was made within the last 4 years (meaning it will have the 30 pin iPod connector on the bottom)
There are two methods to connect your iPod to a stereo.
1) You can use a Mini stereo 1/8" cable to connect the headphone port to your stereo's input (which may be a mini stereo 1/8" plug or an RCA left/right plug.) The mini stereo plug is a headphone plug.
2) You can use an iPod connector which will give you a "line out" to plug into your stereo. This would be the preferred method as you'd get a better source quality sound. A search for "Line out iPod adapter" will help you find where you can get one. ...

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