Q: How do you get rid of bedbugs?

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my question: how do you get rid of bedbugs?, please answer if you can, regards
Get rid of the bed....... Unfortunately it is not that easy. the bed bugs lay eggs in small crevices and in the pores (grain)of wood. These eggs often lay dorment for years. You can spray chemicals, but that will only sort out the bed bugs that are active. The spraying can also activate unhatched eggs, which makes the problem worse.
To ensure you have eradicated all bed bugs, it is necessary to seal (airtight) the dwelling and remove all oxygen and then pump the dwelling full of chemical, similiar to flea bombs, roach bombs etc.
It is also wise to dispose of wooden furniture, as furniture often has eggs laid in the grains.
It sounds bad and well it is bad..... we had bed bugs in a share house that I lived in London. The landlord would not do anything about it, and we paid for spraying twice and that worked for about 2 days each time and then was worse than before we sprayed ..... the solution to the problem we found was moving.
Sorry I can not offer you more optimistic news. ...

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