Q: What is Myka's talent?

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* Tinker Bell
* Beck, an animal talent fairy
* Bess, an art talent fairy
* Dulcie, a baking talent fairy
* Fairy Mary, teacher
* Fawn, an animal talent fairy
* Fira, a light talent fairy
* Ginger, a baking talent fairy
* Hem, a beautiful fairy
* Iridessa, a light talent fairy
* Iris, a garden talent fairy
* Lily, a garden talented fairy
* Luna, a beautiful light fairy
* Pell, a harvest talent fairy
* Pluck, a harvest talent fairy
* Precious, a mining talent fairy
* Prilla, an adventure talented fairy
* Queen Clarion, Never fairies? leader
* Quill, a n art talent fairy
* Rani, a water talented fairy
* Rosetta, a garden fairy
* Scarlet, an art talent fairy
* Silvermist, a water fairy
* Spring, a spunky garden talent fairy
* Twire, a scrap metal talent fairy
* Vidia, a fast flying fairy
* Violet, a dyeing talent fairy
* Zuzu, a server talent fairy
* Myka, A Scout talent fairy
Other characters:
* Mother Dove, a dove
* Kyto, a dragon
* Cinda, Liesel, Rhia, and Grace, Queen's helper talents
* Bobble, a tinker sparrow man
* Clank, a tinker sparrow man
* Terence, a dust talent sparrow man
See the Disney Fairies Wiki to find out more about each charatcer. ...

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