Why do birds fly away?

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It is quite dangerous to be a bird. For their own safety birds are very cautious about any other animal that might have designs on eating them (which encompasses most animals that would show any interest in them).

When I was a kid we trained birds to eat out of our hands. Once the birds became used to the feed we would put out in the winter they lost their natural fear of us and would approach to get some of the food. You still had to remain very still - hard to do that first time a bird lands on your hand.


To flee from enemies
to search for food
to find warmer climes
to investigate new places
to feed their young
because they have wings
to escape cages
to scout the area for enemies
to gather materials for a nest
to escape the rain
to escape a blizzard


On the ground, a bird has no defense. Birds pretty much know that no other species can chase and catch them, except maybe larger aggressive birds and people (except Dick Cheney). Birds in flocks can become aggressive in order to eat and in some cases there is safety in numbers.


Birds fly away because they need to seek what is out there for them.... be it for food, for a mate or to find themselves a nest that is safe...just like all the creatures...


Birds tend to move from any danger. This is how they survive in the wild. I hope this answers your question. Thank you.


Birds fly away because they cant walk away,sorry i couldnt resist.


Because they have wings.