What would happen if you tried to hug a real bear?

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Really, nobody has answered this one yet? I spent a lot of time in both the Adirondack and Cascade mountains as a kid and, believe me, hugging a bear was NOT what we kids were taught to do had a bear approached.

I think if you tried to hug a real bear, in reality, you might get lucky and live through it. The bear might well get totally freaked out and run off. If it were a black bear, you might be unscathed. Those are usually the bears you'd see in upstate New York. They very rarely tussle with anyone, and they are not humongous. However, this is in no way an endorsement of bear-hugging. Don't hug a bear!

If you tried to hug a large bear, like a grizzly, or any kind of bear cub, you would certainly be in extreme danger. A grizzly bear is so powerful that it could pretty easily decapitate you. A mother bear of any species will be very aggressive in defense of her offspring.

To reiterate, please don't hug a bear!


You would very likely be mauled. If you weren't killed you would probably end up wishing you had. This would be if the bear is wild mind you. I have seen videos of docile bears. These docile bears were that way, because they grew up in captivity being hugged and fed by people. I guess your chances of survival would then depend on the type of circumstance you are finding this bear to hug, and several other variables that will all be determined by both you and the bear.


If you are talking about a real bear in the wild, then you'd probably get mauled or even killed.

Bears in the wild are either very afraid of people or very offensive. Either way, they will be scared of you and react in ways you cannot imagine.

If you were going to try to do that, I strongly suggest you not to. Perhaps go to a zoo and see if there are any tamed bears you could interact with.


One of two things would most likely happen. The bear would allow you to get close enough for a hug, then it would rip your face off. Or, the bear will see you coming, move closer while preparing to attack, then it would rip your face off.
Lose-lose situation so I would suggest sticking to hugging bears named teddy...


The bear would never let you get close enough! Unless, of course, it was a cub. In which case, the bear might hug you back, but the Mama Bear would kill you.


If you picked a bear that was heavily sedated, you might be able to get away with it.

Otherwise, that bear hug would probably be your last.


You would become dinner for the bear. That would make the bear extremely happy.


You probably wouldn't have a face anymore.