What is your favorite animal to see when you go to the zoo or aquarium?

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Any favorites?

If the zoo has it, I love bears. Polar bears are my favorite, but I also love black bears, grizzly bears, and panda bears. I love visiting the polar bears because they're going extinct, due to global warming. If you ever have the time, in the near future, than I would suggest either visiting a polar bear in a zoo or going to the arctic and going on a polar bear tour before the last polar bears go extinct. There are an estimated 25,000 polar bears left.

Panda bears are the same way. Since panda bears have a hard time breeding, they are becoming an endangered species. Because of this, I would also recommend going to see a panda bear up close in a zoo.

My favorite reptiles are snakes, alligators, and crocodiles. Even though I wouldn't want to run into one in real life, between the glass they are fun to see.

I do love the sea life also so I love going to the aquarium. I like sea lions, otters, sharks, octopuses, and squids.

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At the zoo, I love watching the apes - particularly the orangutans. It is fascinating to me, to wonder about the intelligence and thinking behind their thoughtful eyes. The apes are so human-like in some of their actions, and they study things so deliberately at times, that it totally captivates my attention.

At the aquarium, I love the beluga whales and manatees -- the fluid grace of these big creatures under water, always amazes me. Since these are creatures that I will probably never encounter outside of an aquarium, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to see them up close.

An aquarium runner-up would be jellyfish. I once went to an aquarium where they had a special exhibit of jellyfish, and I really enjoyed seeing so many different kinds and watching their movements. (I have encountered jellyfish outside of an aquarium, and hope to skip that kind of encounter again!)


My favorite animals at zoos and aquariums are the exotics. I like seeing animals that I have only seen in books or not at all. When I was a kid I was thrilled to see a real Tasmanian Devil at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. At the same time I was dismayed that it did not resemble the character in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

I make it my goal to try and visit the zoos and aquariums in all the cities I visit. I still get a thrill when I see an animal for the first time. My latest conquest was the New Orleans Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and their 40,000 gallon tank.

Not counting exotics, my favorite animals to see are the large animals: big cats, bears, rhinos and such at zoos; large sharks, fish and sea turtles at aquariums.


When I go to the zoo my favorite animals to see are: the spider monkeys, the lions, tigers and zebras. I also like watching the elephants, but I don't like to get too close to them. If I go to a zoo where I know there are pandas, I go straight to see them because pandas are my favorite animals. They are just too amazing and the babies are too cute and adorable.
When I go to the aquarium my favorite animals to see are: wheels, dolphins and the penguins if they have that particular exhibit because not every aquarium has them. But my absolute favorite animal to watch at the aquarium are the seals. They are so funny and talented. They have always amazed me as much as the dolphins for their smart beings and behaviors.


I love to see the lions, tigers, leopards and other cat family animals when I am at the zoo. They are so beautiful and graceful yet so powerful. I love to watch them move. I especially like it when they have little ones to watch.

When I go to an aquarium my favorite creature is the sting ray. I loved visiting the zoo in San Diego where they have a sting ray pool of small ones that you can feed and interact with. The certainly know how to beg for food by slapping the side of the pool. I expected them to feel slimy but they actually felt more like velvet over muscle and gentle when taking a fish from your hand.


At the aquarium, I enjoy watching the jellyfish and the manta rays. The jellyfish are so relaxing to watch, and the manta rays are just cool.

At the zoo, I love to watch the vultures. My local zoo has a large enclosure with Lappet-faced vultures, Griffon vultures, and Cinereous vultures. There are also many wild turkey vultures flying free around the zoo, and they'll often join the zoo vultures in the pen. It's kinda funny to see how small they are compared to the other vultures. The turkey vultures like to hang out at the duck pond as well.


A visit to the zoo is always a fun and happy experience for myself and my family. The elephants and giraffes are the two animals that I anticipate on seeing because I think that they are amazing creatures.

The elephants have some interesting characteristics such as their big ears and trunk. It is always fun to watch their movement and body language. The height of the giraffe and the length of its neck always stuns me as it makes me feel like I am looking at a dinosaur.


I always like to look at the birds. I know that is silly considering I could go to a pet store or to a park to look at birds, but the zoo always has exotic birds. I like that they typically fly all around you, too. Some zoos even have a petting section for the birds. I like it when exotic birds are willing to sit on a person's shoulders. That is just really cute.


I love seeing the sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and was happy to see that the otter exhibit re-opened this past weekend just in time for our spring break visit. They seem so content and playful. There was even one that spent most of its time floating on its back. The other three couldn't help but disturb the peaceful one.


I don't really have a favorite animal because I love seeing all the animals but the sea otters, dolphins and other such animals are so much fun to watch... I love watching them do their tricks. They amaze me every time.