What is the most dangerous animal alive?

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my question for members is : what is the most dangerous animal alive?, please answer it thanks 4 all

The most dangerous animal living in the sea is the shark. It eats at will just about anything, or anyone, that gets in its way.

On dry land, the most dangerous animal living is the mother-in-law. They can ruin marriages by dominating a married child when the child's spouse wants to be the central figure in that child's life, rather than the child's mother.

Since there is almost no way of avoiding this dilemma due to the power that a parent will hold over the life of a child for an entire lifetime, married or not, and since marriage is an institution from which almost everyone is born, then the crucial nature of the mother-in-law's influence can be devastating on families, romance, and children of that marriage.

The mother-in-law operates on instinct but always will defend only the one spouse in a marriage who is hers. This creates an adversary relationship not only between the opposing spouse who is not related by blood to the mother-in-law, but also eventually between the two spouses themselves, since they are not free to discuss and resolve life's difficulties without the strong, sometimes overwhelming, influence of the mother-in-law's opinions.

The best solution for this problem is to learn to live with it and accept it as just one of life's many imperfections. No matter how far away from the mother-in-law the married couple may move, the telephone, the mail, and the constant memory of the mother-in-law will haunt the marriage.

Still, the mother-in-law rarely kills outright like the dangerous shark that lives in the ocean. Nevertheless, the mother-in-law is a constant threat to billions of marriages all around the world, whereas the shark is rarely in the news for attacking someone. Therefore, the mother-in-law, although confined to dry land and thereby excluded from most of the earth's watery surface, still ranks as the number one dangerous animal in the world.


Most dangerous animal...

Well I think the most dangerous animal to humans are many candidates. Some would say which animals are the deadliest to humans? Which can be categorised into different fields. If we're talking about most poisonous, or venomous the they are very different. Very briefly, a venom is usually injected into the body of the animal or enemy, while the poison is ingested orally. For an example, snakes venomous because they inject their venom when they into their enemy or pry. Poisonous frogs have the poison on their skin but they do not injected they pry attempt to eat it and get a mouth full of Yaaach!.

The most dangerous animal by venom is the "Box Jellyfish" its toxins attack the heart, nervous system, and skin cells. And on top of all that its bit extremely painful. The victims of the Box Jellyfish go into shock from the pain they experience, drown , or have heart failure. You will fell pain for weeks after an a sting from this not so pleasant animal. If you hope to survive this evil animal attack you have to be rescued immediately. In opinion, this is the most dangerous animal to man by venom injecting sting.

Note: If you ever, God forbid, get attacked by the Boxer jellyfish, apply vinegar for 30 sec at least. It should stop the Jellyfish nematocysts that not had been discharged yet.


That is a very broad question. The most basic answer would be the most dangerous animal is the one in your immediate area or the one that just bit you. Most animals are not a danger to mankind. A big reason for this is that humans have this interesting habit of killing anything they perceive as an eminent threat to their or their families well being. Most people will never encounter a large carnivore (lion, tigers and bears, etc. ?o my?) or even a large herbivore (bull, ox, elephant, etc.). So those are out of the running under normal circumstances as dangers to humans. Even encounters with large sea creatures are fairly uncommon for the vast majority of people so they are out as well. The creatures that cause the most humans fatalities each year worldwide are snakes and insects. They account for significantly more deaths each year than any other class of animal on the planet.


Humans are most certainly the most dangerous animal alive, we kill more humans than other animals do and we also kill many other animals and are dangerous to the planet as a whole, destroying whole ecosystems in the blink of an eye, paving ponds, clear cutting forests and poisoning rivers and lakes.

There is no doubt that humans are the most dangerous animals alive.

Some people will suggest that mosquitoes are dangerous because they spread malaria.

There are some snake species, such as the Asian viper, that have killed more humans than any other animal has.


I would agree that humans are considered the most dangerous animal. They create more damage and have killed more. They kill each other and they kill other animals. I don't think many animals are dangerous to man now.


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