What is the most beautiful animal on this planet?

6 Answers

I think the big cats are the most beautiful animals on the planet. I love the huge mane of the male lion. I love the thickness of the leopard, their beautiful eye color and the amazing rosette pattern of their fur. My favorite by far, though, is the cheetah. I especially love cheetah cubs.

Cheetahs are easy to identify because of the black markings under their eyes. Those marks act much like the grease marks on an athlete to reduce glare. The adult cheetah has a black, white and tan patterned fur with a white underbelly. Their eyes are set high and their nostrils wide. Cheetahs can overheat quite easily when running. The large nostrils allow for the cheetah to cool down and catch it's breath more quickly after a chase.

Cheetahs are the most specialized of all the big cats. They are lighter in weight and more fragile than the other big cats but their speed is far quicker. They have long legs and a flexible spine. A cheetah can run in excess of 60 miles per hour making them the fastest land mammal. At any given time during a chase, the cheetah may have all four paws in the air and more than one paw is never in contact with the ground. A cheetah in motion is the most beautiful animal on the planet.


I think the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing is simply amazing. Its the largest Butterfly in the world.
I had to help my daughter do an assignment on it last year, and i was shocked at how big it was and the patterns on its wings. The wings look like they have a snake on each side, and spread to around 30cm. Its a rare tropical butterfly that is fastly becoming extinct due to the people ripping down the forests where they live.


Cats! Especially the BIG cats. I think tigers are beautiful. I really love the white ones.

Cats can walk so quietly that you can't hear them, or they can be very loud with their purring and meowing.

I have a himalayan cat that I dearly love. He has the best personality, and whether the cats are big or small, they all share the same characteristics. I just think they're beautiful.


Going by the actions that they seem to get from people, I'm going to have to say puppies are the answer to this question. It doesn't seem to matter about the species of dog, puppies always seem to make people love them! Everyone seems to find the beautiful and cute.


To my mind the most beautiful animal on the planet is a woman.


I think kittens are the most beatiful animal on this earth.