Is there any chance that human beings can survive on the planet Mars?

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I wonder if human beings can survive on Mars because i would like to be the first to die on mars coz earth is so populated gosh!

I do agree with you that Earth is overpopulated, but I also believe that Earth can sustain a whole lot more people than we currently have due to the continuous increase of technology.

If we were to go to Mars one day and be able to live there for a long period of time, there is a chance that this could happen although it would be far in the future. Since Mars's, atmosphere is not suitable for humans, we would have to create one of our own. Humans on Mars would have to live in some sort of enclosed area like a bubble or an airtight building. In that bubble or building, there would have to be a way to keep a cycle of breathable air for us to breathe.

Along with the air, we would need to be able to grow our own food on Mars and keep the cycle going.

I am confident that humans will be able to travel to Mars in our lifetime, but actually populating the Red Planet, would most likely be far in the future.


With our current technology it would be virtually impossible for people to live on Mars. First of all we would have to shield ourselves from the high levels of radiation, that would also pose an issue to food sources being grown. Then there are the extreme cold temperatures that can occur and can reach -220F. There is no oxygen in the Mars atmosphere, so a source of oxygen would have to be produced.

Even if by some means we could produce some type of enclosed habitat to contain our oxygen, water and food and to protect us from the extreme radiation and cold there are still other problems. Earth's atmosphere helps to protect us to large extent from many micrometeors and many of the larger meteors. Coming through Earth's atmosphere the majority of these meteors are burnt up. The same is not the case for Mars leaving any habitat prone to damage or destruction even by being hit with multiple micrometeorites.


Mars actually does have an atmosphere. It is, however, not conducive to human life, being 95% carbon dioxide and is quite thin.

We currently don't have the technology to build any kind of structure to support human life on another planet.

Traveling to Mars is also difficult. Due to planetary rotation, timing of orbits and other complicated scientific reasons, the opportunity for launch occurs only every 25 months.

There is also a history of failed missions to Mars, due to various reasons. So it appears chances are slim in your lifetime of having the chance to live and/or die on Mars.


Earth is over populated you are right! I had my tubes tied after having one kid so as to not keep contributing...

Anyhow as far as Mars goes, it needs major work before people can live there... chances are you shall die here on the overpopulated planet Earth before we get Mars ready for life, and the trip to Mars itself would need to be considered also..

so.. in the mean time its best just to try to educate others not to keep making life on Earth more crowded, because a lot of people are completely ignorant, or in denial, about earth being so over populated.


Currently, there is no atmosphere on mars, so no. unless mankind were to construct a giant bubble of some sort on mars and fill it with air, you wont be living on mars for quite some time. however, there has been speculation about introducing microscopic organism to the surface of mars and having them create an atmosphere. but that would take a long time


Well it is possible but for humans to survive on mars, they should create a building or something that will sustain their oxygen, food and other needs.