Is it Safe to Lie in the Grass?

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What are the risks from insects, venomous spiders, snakes and other dangerous animals where you live? I live in Ireland and we don't have any snakes, dangerous insects or spiders to worry about. Would you lie down on the grass or would it be risky? Do you have to check your shoes for creepy things which may have gotten into them?

In Ireland you are pretty safe. I am pretty safe too here in Canada. In the forest areas you might get a tick from laying in the grass.

Mostly if you are lying still on the grass you area not at risk, because even if there were venomous animals around as long as you do not bother them they will not bother you.

In the tropics there are quite a few risks of laying about on the grass. One risk is hookworm - the tiny larvae can burrow into your skin - they come from eggs in dog feces and can live on grass even after the feces are removed.

Another risk in the tropics is that a trail of bullet ants or some other kind of biting ant could find you - one bite and I am pretty sure you would move.

In the tropics, or in desert areas where poisonous spiders, scorpions, and snakes, are a concern you most certainly should check your shoes before putting them on.


(Laugh out loud!) A couple of days ago, Grantr42 had an appointment in a large city about 40 miles from our home. Since she can't drive, I took her to the appointment and had the fantastic privilege of waiting over an hour for her to get done.

I had taken a handheld game to occupy myself while I waited. I was sitting in front of a floor to ceiling (over two story) glass wall. I found myself staring out the wall several times. I guess I had been staring for several minutes when a security guard came by and saw me staring. I guess I was somewhere else in my thoughts, because he actually touched my shoulder to make sure I was okay. (He said he had spoken to me several times, but I didn't notice him. He ask me if I was just looking, or if I was actually looking AT something.

I realized I had been looking at a lot beside the building that was nothing but grass, bushes and small trees. I told him I had been wishing I could just lay down on the grass and nap until Grantr42 got done with her appointment. (I sure remember doing that a lot as a kid. Just laying in the grass, watching the clouds, or butterflies or staring at nothing.)

Yes, it is pretty safe to lay on the grass here in the Ozarks. There are a few insects that might bite you, but they are pretty small (and most of them don't care for the way I taste, namely ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes). There are a few varieties of snakes, but if you don't bother them, they will leave you alone. There are also a few spiders that COULD give you a nasty bite, but again, if you don't bother them, they leave you alone. That's pretty much all you have to watch out for around here.


Even here in the tropics,it depends on whether the environment you live in .In Nairobi city for example,the grass is all human planted or at least modified by humans.Except for the grasshopper and safari ants during the rainy season,the grass is safe to lie on.On the other hand,I wouldn't advice anyone to sit on the grass in the rural areas or near national parks.It is not only venomous snakes like the black mamba,huge hairy spiders or painful giant centipedes that you may decide to lie or sit on.You may sit on a really well concealed mammal den.I know of someone who sat on a hyena den entrance,it caved in and he almost got his a*s bit by a puppy hyena.Or you suddenly feel a hare underneath your bum scratching it trying to get out!(it sounds outragous but it happens).


Yup, in the North of England you are more likely to get a bite from a rabid drunk than from any dangerous animal.
I am however allergic to some bites and have ended up with my arm being the size of my thigh in the past. Although that is not because of the species of any insect, just me being freaky.
I don't think I could live in an area where I had to worry about wild life, yet I had a friend who once casually stated she knew a Boomslang was in her garage when she lived in Africa. She knew because the area was too quiet, which is apparently an obvious sign, not one I would notice.


In coastal Northern California, it's pretty safe to lay on the grass, provide you look first before you lay down. If there aren't any dog droppings, and you aren't in the middle of an obvious path, you are probably OK. You never know with mountain bikers, though. As far as wild animals are concerned, the few that are dangerous usually avoid human beings, at least in the middle of the day. If you stayed overnight, it might be different, as predators might get curious. Getting slobbered on by somebody's overly friendly dog is more likely.


All depends on where you live, for the most part, it is best to lay on the grass while using a blanket to keep most insects away from your body. Also the grass can be itchy and irritating at times. In order to avoid such situations and discomforts, it is safer to lie on the grass using a pick nick blanket. By using a blanket to lie on the grass, not only do you decrease the risk of getting bitten by insects like aunts, bugs and other animals that call the grass their natural habitat, but you also decrease the risk of skin irritations.


Luckily there's nothing too dangerous in the grass where I live in Michigan (northern midwest U.S.), except for brazen fox squirrels looking for peanuts! And I can scare them away effectively enough. I can lie in the grass with safety, although I may get crawled on by ants, or bitten by mosquitoes or black flies, depending on the time of year. Well, I can't really lie in the grass during parts of the winter, but I could lie in the snow for awhile at least if I'm bundled up. That can actually be quite peaceful!


I live in Australia, and it wouldn't be a wise idea to be lying in the grass over here. Snakes and spiders are plentiful and many among the most poisonous in the world here. Since i am from New Zealand where there are no snakes and few venomous spiders, being a pretty safe place to lie in the grass, i am extremely cautious here in Australia.


If you are going to worry about whether it is safe to lie in the grass, you won't have much fund in life. Yes, there is a small risk you could be bitten by a spider or insect, or even get a parasite, but if I want to lie in the grass, I'm going to do it. Unless the grass is next to a crocodile infested river in Australia or something.