Have you seen an eagle?

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Please share experience.

The neighborhood gang--my siblings, neighbors' kids and I--always thought we saw eagles when I was a kid. In retrospect it is likely we saw hawks or turkey vultures most of the time. However, there was one time I know for a fact I saw an eagle.

When I was a kid there was an old outbuilding or shed in my back yard. I have no idea what it's original use was. My siblings, the neighborhood kids and I decided to make the building into our clubhouse since it could, easily, accommodate six or seven people.

Our clubhouse was pretty cool. On the inside of the building there was a kind of small loft above the door. There were two windows so we could look out for 'enemies' and wide plank seats (wide enough to lie down on) along two walls.

The day we decided to make the building into a clubhouse we debated what we would name our club. The entire time we cleaned out the building we debated. We whitewashed the interior walls and debated. We painted the outside and we debated. Finally, the clubhouse was finished. We were sitting on the porch of my house, drinking sodas and still debating when an eagle landed on the roof of our new clubhouse.

We couldn't believe our eyes. This time the eagle was so close there was no misidentifying it. It was definitely an eagle and it was HUGE. The eagle sat on the roof's summit surveying the yard and turning it's head in that peculiar way birds have. Abruptly, it flew off.

We grabbed two cans of spray paint and headed for our clubhouse. We had our name. We painted 'Eagles' across the roof in big, bold red letters. We laughed because we were sure even airplanes would be able to see it.

I have lots of fond memories of that clubhouse but the eagle landing on the roof was, by far, the most exciting event that ever took place there.


Because of our home location, we see several of the raptors on a regular basis. Just moments ago, eating lunch on the deck, a medium sized Peregrine Falcon wheeled around above the hayfield to our West. This morning, as we looked out the slider, a large Kestrel flew by at high speed. Earlier, at dawn, as I looked out the slider, a Great Horned Owl landed on the far corner steel fencepost, perched for a moment, then flew off before I could get out the binoculars.

This Spring, we had a deer carcass in the hay field beyond our North lawn area, out the slider, and for 10 days, Eagles came to feast every morning--interspersed with Magpies, Crows, and coyotes. The first 2 days, a solo Eagle ate breakfast for about an hour. The 3rd day another one showed up and returned each day. On the 6th day a juvenile arrived with them. The fledgling had no white feathers and the beak was not yet yellow. We took photos of the trio on days 6 through 10. We now see them flying over sometimes.

The Peregrines nested about a half mile West of us this spring. The Kestrels seem to hunt here for about a month in the early Spring. We have Redtailed Hawks and Prairie Hawks almost year 'round.

So, yes, I've seen an Eagle fly, land near my back door (about 300 feet away), feast, take off, and come back. They are huge, incredibly graceful, and awe inspiring.


I live on my sailboat on the Columbia River in Oregon. We have a lot of eagles here, as well as osprey. While I have many eagle sightings, there was this one incident that really stands out.

I was sitting on the dock enjoying an afternoon cocktail when I heard the familiar sound of an eagle's cry. Upon looking up I saw the most extraordinary sight. A bald eagle and an osrpey appeared to be engaged in an airial duel. The eagle was easily twice the size of the osprey, however the osprey seemed to be the one attacking the blad eagle. The two were flying north and the osprey kept diving on the eagle. At the last second, the eagle would turn on its back, talons bared at the osprey, and both would begin a twirling plumet towards the ground for about a hundred feet or so. Then they would break apart and flap back into flight. The osprey would gain altitude, only to dive on the bald eagle again!

It was quiet obvious that the bald eagle was simply trying to get away from this opsrey (perhaps it disturbed the osprey's nest?). I watched for about 5 minutes until they were out of sight. They must have repeated their airial dance a good dozen times while I watched. It was truly spectacular.

Hope this helps!


While visiting my brother in Colorado a few years ago we took his four- wheel riding in the mountains. He had done this before and was enjoying scaring me as big brothers often do. We went up one mountain side that was so steep he had to turn the truck at an angle because the truck could not make the climb straight up.
He finally got high enough in the mountains that he decided we should stop and get out. I was speechless at the view. I could almost hear a choir singing about the purple mountains majesties.
Then we saw him. We were so high he was flying below us. He soared so gracefully it was like watching an ice skater in the sky. We were both awe struck and it seemed like we watched him for hours.
I suddenly became grateful to my brother for the ride up that mountain and all was forgiven.


I live near a street called Bald Eagle Road. There are two bald eagles that fly continously over the area. If they can't be seen in the sky they are often in a nearby tree or even sitting on the road sign. They are beautiful regal creatures with a huge wingspan. Growing up in inner city Washington D.C. I consider my self lucky to now live in an environmentally protected area that provides a safe and comfortable habitat for these endangered species. Thanks for posting this question. Sometimes I forget what a blessing it is to see these beautiful birds even once in a lifetime because I get to see two virtually every day.


John Denver said, "He knows he'd be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly." I could type poetic paragraphs for the day, and still never chip the iceberg. Somethings are beyond words, somethings need to be experienced to fully understand. Seeing an eagle in the wild is one such event.
I have been blessed to watch countless eagles in the wild (bald and golden eagles), and each time is much like the first, it never gets old. It is certainly something you will want to add to your proverbial bucket list :).


We had one fly over our house 2 winters ago and I thought it was breathtaking. I love birds of prey and find them to be stoic and majestic. The winter that we saw it, we were getting hit with snowstorms every week. We reside very close to the Ct River where they usually nest. I believe out of a desperate attempt to find food, due to all the snow, was the only reason we had an opportunity to see this wonderful bird.


I have seen an eagle flying in Texas. It was very nice. It was free and just flying. I am from Conn. and I do not think they have any eagles there. I have seen hawks there. The eagle is larger so it is more majestic. It was just gliding which was the nice part. I think I also probably saw an eagle in a zoo before which I don't remember very well.