Do any animals other than humans commit suicide?

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hi friends i have a question: do any animals other than humans commit suicide?, please. thanks in advance

No because animals have a sense of survival that only propels them to seek to live above anything else. To put it in other words, the ego of an animal, the part that is concerned about its own self in terms of benefit is very linear. So many animals would probably operate in towards a life threat in either flee or attack response. For humans it is a bi more complicated as that sense can be overridden maybe by complex emotions leading to a less linear modus operandi of the ego or self in humans. Therefore a human can actually before a life threat override the fundamental flee or attack response and run in way " towards death" in a voluntary way unfortunately.

So the rudimentary and simplistic ego system and sense of survival of animals could actually be a blessing in disguise because in regards to suicide, the flee or fight response is just impossible to override, but who knows really because there are some very smart animals like elephants exposing such wisdom that sacrifice or self sacrifice for instance to save a young one would not be totally impossible, but as far as the average and most animal, the flight or flee response towards a threat of life cannot allow the event of suicide.


No, committing suicide is strictly a human thing. Animals do die though all the time. It's strange that us humans are so different than all the rest of the living creatures in the world. We don't have any fur, except for Robin Williams.

It's actually pretty amazing that we are the only group of mammals that commits suicide. Now, a goat might run off of a cliff, but this is not due to their desire to no longer live. It may appear that they are killing themselves when in reality they are just jumping off of a cliff with no idea of what is going on.

I do think my old pet gold fish might have committed suicide. I had a cat that made his life a living hell. It seems like all the rabbits out here might be committing suicide because they always run in front of cars. Maybe they are actually trying to kill themselves, who knows. Thanks for the question.


Not really.

At one point there was a film made by Disney in which people actually chased lemmings off a ledge near Calgary, Alberta and filmed it. People were then told (incorrectly) that when lemmings felt their populations were too high that they committed mass suicide however this was pure lies and the result of cruelty to animals by the Disney company.

Most other animals are busy trying to survive, although sometimes pets do get depressed they do not intentionally take their own life in the way we think of it.

Oddly enough because of the stress of life for humans and are ability to "think more" we put ourselves in a twisted mental state that sees suicide as a way out of our day to day existence and stress. Other animals do not think that way.


I believe some animals do commit suicide. Elephants for example when they are older will separate from the herd and wander off by themselves as well as stop eating. Some cats and dogs when they become very ill, as in cases of cancer, will stop eating and drinking. Starving oneself is a form of suicide. Most animals have this kind of instinctive behavior. I suppose it is debatable whether or not one could consider it suicide but to me the animals decision to put itself in harms way by either wandering alone in the wilderness or refraining from eating is their decision to end their life.
Violent suicide is more likely restricted to humanity but suicide itself is not unique to humanity only.


Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one's own life. Animals cannot commit suicide because they don't have the right mind to think intelligently.There are movies and stories from people who witness animals leap into their death, but science still do not buy them. Experts in this field attribute such death into some sort of injury, age, or loss of direction. So, the question whether animals are capable of committing suicide still remains a mystery until now.


Once I had people saying that squirrows do commite suicuide. To be sincere, apart from those unbelievable tales, I have never heard of anyone be it myself say that a certain animal did commite suicide and I strongly believe that no animal can do that.

However, animals themselves can fight till death that I know and its what I can believe it other than committing suicide.

Thank you for asking.


If a domesticated pet was treated horribly for so long I can imagine them trying to run out in the street to get away from their horrible master who has controlled and manipulated every aspect of his life.

I think I read somewhere that rats like committing suicide after horrible science experiments.