Can animals commit suicide?

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Humans are commit to suicide, can animals?

I watched one of my geese commit suicide many years ago. A coyote killed her mate, the gander, but none of the other geese were harmed.

The goose laid down in the grass where the gander was killed, arched her neck, and tucked her head under one wing the way that geese do when resting. If you've ever heard the soft murmur a goose makes when it's mourning, it's heartbreaking. That's the noise she made.

I took food and water to her and left them beside her, but she wouldn't take her head out from under her wing. She flat-out refused to eat. She just kept making that murmuring noise. I kept thinking that she would eat, or that she was doing so when I wasn't watching, but she didn't, and I found her dead.

She let herself die of grief by not eating or drinking. If someone had told me the story, I might not have believed it.

Animals don't have identical emotions to ours, but they certainly have strong emotions.


Certain research says that yes, animals can commit suicide. While suicide is contrary to the inclination of nature, several species disembowel themselves to enable a predator to get sidetracked while chasing the prey and the prey's clan, as in the sea cucumber. When threatened by a lady bug, aphids can explode themselves, scattering and protecting their mest and sometimes even killing the lady bug. They are literally tiny suicide bombers. While most animal suicides are done in defense of the clan, people tend to be self serving, although I drove through a flock of crows and damn if I didn't didn't a cople flying into the windshield and sides of the truck, like kamikaze pilots


In the sense of giving up, especially if they are really sick, yes, I've seen animals do so. Usually they do so by refusing to eat or drink enough water. From my experience with my own pets and those of others, animals have a wide range of feelings, including the ability to be depressed. Some species can also be more communal than others, and therefore, can get quite lonely and depressed without enough companionship. Guinea pigs being one of them.


Have you ever been driving and a squirrel comes running out from the side of the road. Then goes back and the changes direction again. He does this a few times as you get closer. Not if that is not attempting suicide I don't know what is.


Cockatoos do if there depressed as they pull their feathers out and can start making wounds on themselves which lets infection in.

Monkeys can too by loosing their balance of railings from buildings and falling from epic heights.


I've seen a squirrel jump off a house before, not sure if it was just stupid or trying to kill itself. Guess I'll never know...