Why is it so cold? Al Gore said there was global warming. Is he wrong?

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Why is it so cold? Al Gore said there was global warming. Is he wrong?

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When scientists talk about global warming, they're referring to average earth temperatures over many years, the earth's climate. This is very different from what it's like outside where you live, which is weather. The weather at Antarctica is cold, and it's not in Brasilia. Sometimes the weather is colder from year to year, or warmer.

What scientists have been measuring is that over hundreds of years the average temperature everywhere on the planet has been slowly rising. This is 'global warming', a change in the climate, which is why the more accurate term is 'climate change'. As the earth's temperature rises, more energy is captured in the atmosphere, and this energy can produce more extreme weather. More rain, or more drought, warmer winters or more severe winters, depending on local conditions where you live.

If you'd like to see this climate warming trend in action, check the Audubon map here http://birdsandclimate.audubon.org/images/BACC_map.jpg People who track birds have noticed that they are nesting farther and farther north in the winter every year - some are now hundreds of miles north of their normal winter homes, in regions which were so cold 50 years ago they would have died. Many plants, insects, and other animals are also migrating north all over the globe, for the same reason.


This whole global warming or cooling is so complex, I'm honestly beginning to believe nobody really knows. Using computers to 'model' climate change has it's limitations. There are so many factors involved, I find it difficult that they can all be taken into account.

The latest explanation I've heard to account for the 'coldness' is that the melting arctic ice packs have disturbed the ocean currents that have previously moderated the temperatures in the northern hemisphere. All I know for certain is that the last few winters here in Ohio seemed to have been pretty brutal. Apparently, Europe is also experiencing some pretty brutal cold temperatures and weather.

I don't really know. I may just be getting old and don't tolerate the weather like I used to. .


While I am not a fan of the "green house effect" what Gore was predicting is actually "climate change". This is where the median earth temperture may only rise fractions of a degree yet this will upset thebalance of weather systems globally. This would cause some wet areas to dry and some dry areas to be wet. But their main concern was the obvious melting of the ice pack at the poles.
-This particular cold snap could be a result of the volcanic ash blocking more solar absorption. (Remember that volcano in Iceland a couple months ago)
-Yet any true scientist is still an Agnostic on the question of the green house effect.


Global warming, climate change etc are not effects that can be observed on a single day.

In North Carolina we had one of the hottest temperatures on record this year, and also some below average cold days this winter.

The temperature needs to be observed over a much longer period of time to get any idea of global trends.

This is one of the big problems with climate studies - we all live in the world and it is hard for us to extrapolate our everyday experience with a global process over a lifetime length timespan.


Climate change is happening in Reno, and all along the east side of the Sierra Nevada range. Not only are glaciers melting, but the average low in summer is rarely reached anymore. It is unusual to reach this temperature in any summer. This is occurring in unpopulated areas and populated ones.

At elevation and at the poles and on islands in the pacific we are seeing the effects of global warming. Some have said that the energy in the atmosphere is accelerating because of global warming as well.


According to Piers Corbyn, a meteorologist from Great Britain, we have actually entered a period of global cooling. Piers Corbyn was recently in the news because he predicted the extremely cold weather in Central Europe and the Northeastern US with extreme accuracy. Piers does not believe that an increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes warming. His predictions are based on historical meteorological records and certain physical events in the sun and moon.