Why do women wear high heels?

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I know that i wear a lot of high heels, bu the reason behind it i havent got a clue. i know that girl has got to wear high heels with certain cloths. is because i am conditioned in that way? please let me know what you think. i decided ask this guestion on the science section becasue i want to if scientist have a scientific answer to it;

High heels are fashionable for some of us. I wear high heels on occasions not every day. My mother wore high heels too. The heels she wore were not as high as the heels that I wear.

Sometimes I wear high heels because I hate for my evening gowns and pants to drag the floor. When we go on cruises I love to dress up and my husband just hate to wear tuxedos and the like.

This summer I have been wearing different heights of high heels and I love the beautiful bold colors of orange, hot pink, lime green, red and combination of colors.

Many people think that wearing high heels make for terrible foot and back problems. However, this senior citizen do not have physical problems of any kind.

When I wear high heels, I am able to keep them on all day. Most of my younger friends come out of their high heels within 1-2 hours. Women need to wear properly fitted shoes regardless of whether it is high heels or tennis shoes.


This is a good question. I really do sometimes ask myself this...usually as I stand in my closet and wonder which of my many shoes to wear for the day (about 70% of them are heels, and I usually just choose the same flats I wear everyday, ha!) or I ask myself this as if I've been wearing heels for a while and my feet are in extreme pain. Even though most heels are uncomfortable, I love them. (Very rarely you will find a pair of heels that are wearable for long lengths of time--cherish these!)

I think there a few different reasons women wear high heels. The first is can make us feel sexy, although this is probably more do to social conditioning than anything else. The right heels can make your legs look longer and thinner, and higher heels tend to push your butt out in posture, making you have a "sexier" stance. Also, if you've got a killer pair of heels, sometimes it can make you feel a little more powerful than usual. Maybe it's because all of a sudden you're taller!

Another reason I wear heels is because I am on the shorter side, and because of this some styles of clothing just look better on me if I'm wearing heels. Or some pants are too long to wear without heels, but too short to really bother with having professionally cuffed.


You may want to check out the Wiki page on this; it's pretty definitive. You'll find that men used to wear high heels around the 1500s. The reasons for their wear has evolved throughout the centuries, and have included platform shoes as well. Both originated it seems--at least in part--for the purpose of keeping the feet off the dirty ground, and were also worn by butchers for this reason. [You can imagine why their feet needed to be kept above ground.]

At various points they were also considered a sign of aristocracy and wealth, and evolved into a symbol of beauty and sexuality. I can't help but notice they also make it difficult to run--not necessarily a good thing. And useful to all the wrong people!

Which is why I don't think women should make themselves slaves to what is a fashion choice based mainly on subjective opinion about what is beautiful and sexy. I myself do like them and wear them, but within limitsd. Especially ever since I heard Dolly Parton talk about her calves being permanently contracted due to excessive wearing of high heels. Apparently, even when she is walking barefoot, she walks as if she is in heels, because her calf muscles can no longer expand into the normal position. I'm not sure any fashion is worth that.


I wear high heels because i like the way that they lift my butt and calves, and they make my legs look more toned and longer, also i am only 5'2. High heels keep pants off the floor, increase muscle tone in legs and butt,and improve posture. I love them and i buy them frequently.

When i buy a new pair of heels they are often extremely uncomfortable in the beginning and give me cramps and pains in the feet and legs. But it's worth it because i think that they improve my overall appearance and i think that's why most women choose to wear them. I don't think that there is a scientific reason why, it is merely in vain.


Actually, it's a matter of fashion.

High heel shoes are made to make the legs appear longer and thinner, which to most people is more attractive.

They are especially helpful for short women like myself, but can give anyone the illusion of having longer, sexier legs.

They also tend to give a little lift to the calf, making the legs appear more shapely.

Personally, I don't wear them every day, but I do wear them for special occasions. I just feel sexier and more attractive when I do.


I think they are ridiculous, but then I am pragmatic about everything! You can loose your balance in them, stilettos taper to the extent that there is only a tiny point of contact with the ground and can get stuck in cracks, and the heels can sometimes break off. I think I will stick to flat soles and heels!