Why are aliens green?

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hi friends i have a question: why are aliens green?, please. thanks in advance

I guess it's the only color never reflected on human skin unless you count gang-green or jealousy.

We have human skin tinged in white, cream, pink, red, yellow- (ish) -(especially if you have a defective liver), caramel, brown, black.....sometimes blue from cold...but NEVER green.,
Same with mnost mammals....regular colors,

Only (mostly) the slimey, creepy looking animals and monsters are green.
...And so aliens are perceived as green.


A lot of cold blooded animals are green. Maybe the writers wanted to portray them like reptiles. People are often afraid of snakes and alligators and those animals appear to be emotionless. They probably made them green so they could be portrayed as cold, emotionless and nothing like humans.

Aliens are grey according to people that report being abducted by aliens.


Some science fiction writers have imagined that aliens are green (usually smaller than us also).

This idea then manifests when people see something they don't quite understand (it may be dark, they may be groggy etc etc) and the minds ability to create patterns makes a person believe they have seen an alien.


It depends on the imagination of the writer but a lot of them are green in order to make them seem more mythical and "alien" if you will. But a lot of others have been grey or even had similar tones to humans!


Because they aren't animals so much as plants. The green coloring helps them survive but the real aliens are grey, maybe they're sick or something.


I think aliens are green because so they would stand out in crowds.