Who is your favorite character in the bible? and why

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Of all the characters in the Holy Bible what is your favorite character?

After more reflection, I'll probably come up with someone better, but the one that immediately comes to mind is Jephthah, whose story is told in the book of Judges.

He's my favorite, not because of anything noble or admirable about him, but because he's the only person in the Bible to have made a human sacrifice to God. It's a great reminder of the barbarism inherent in the Bible, and an excellent counterpoint to those who criticize ancient pagan religions for making human sacrifices.

Jephthah was a "mighty man of valor," but was exiled from Israel because his mother was a "harlot." Later, when the Israelites got attacked by the Ammonites, they had a change of heart and called Jephthah back to service, promising to make him king if he led them to victory.

Jephthah then made a deal with God that, if God made him victorious, he would sacrifice whatever first came out of his house to greet him when he got home. Of course, his daughter -- his only child -- came out to meet him, sealing her fate. After two months of "bewailing" her virginity, Jephthah sacrificed her, just like he would a sheep or goat.

It's one of those stories you RARELY hear in church (for obvious reasons). You're constantly reminded of Jesus' sacrifice, and are often told the tale of Abraham's attempt to sacrifice his son. But Jephthah's actual sacrifice of his daughter is hardly ever mentioned, and is probably unfamiliar to most Christians.


After Jah the Father (see Psalm 68:4 for clarification on His name) and His son Jehoshua (whom many still call by the gentile name Jesus), I love the character of Moses. Moses gave up a plush lifestyle in Egypt to help his brethren who were enslaved. He never forgot to identify with his people even when given the option of great power and riches. I believe this is why Jah spoke to him face to face (Exodus 33:11). The Father resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble. Moses was very humble.

The Father continued to test Moses throughout the wilderness experience. When the rebellious Israelites provoked the Father to anger, He told Moses that He would destroy the Israelites and make of Moses a great nation. He made this offer to Moses at least twice. Most people would have instantly agreed to get rid of that pesky group and start their own tribe just as the Father suggested, but Moses declined and reminded the Father of His promises to the patriarchs. Moses continued to be an advocate for his people through good and bad times. As a result, his relationship with the Father was strong until the end of his life. The Father never stopped speaking to Moses.


I don't know how wright it is to say that I have a favorite character from the Bible, but to answer your question, I have more than one religious figures that I send my prayers to. I always send my prayers and thank you's to God Himself, Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

I also feel somewhat close to Saint Paul, as my uncle who passed was named after him, and named me this way as well.

But I don't think that you can say that one has a favorite Biblical figure. God, Jesus and Virgin Mary are the most important as They are the ones the majority of people pray to, and all the others come next depending on what church you are in, and what you are praying for, as every saint is known for a certain something (protector of children, defender of truth, and so on).

I hope that this answered your question.
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Besides Christ, my favorite is Peter. He isn't perfect, but Jesus loves him infinitely. Even though he asks a lot of "stupid" questions and has a hard time keeping his mouth shut, he seems to have good intentions. he asks a lot of questions that I would have asked, had I been there.

Also, there is a redeeming quality about him. Even though he denies Christ, someone he'd been following for years and was a part of his inner-circle, Christ chooses him to be the "Rock" of the Church. It shows that even if we mess up, God can still use us.

It's amazing to see Peter immature and unresolved before Christ's Resurrection, then to see him preaching the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit, just a few weeks later.


I was just reading in the book of Kings about a "certain woman" ( a shumamite I believe) who would feed the prophet Elisha, and made a room for him. He told her she would have a child, and she did. Then the child died. I found it remarkable that when her husband asked her what was wrong, she replied something like "All is well". I find it intriguiing that her child was dead, and yet when asked what was wrong she could reply with such assurity that everything was okay. There are only a few sentences about this woman, but to me she is testament of faith, and believing that God will work a situation out no matter how things look.


Thank you for your question. I assume you were talking about Old Testement Bible characters. Everybody always does. Unlike most of the well-known characters, I choose Nehemiah. He doesn't have a violent history like so many others before they interacted witih God, i.e. Moses. Nor did his lust lead him astray like David. It was his simple faith and love for God that led him to rebuild the walls of Jerusulum. As a builder, he acted on good falth before evil could take hold. The story of Nehemiah shows us that a person doesn't have to fall into depths of sin before they are acceptable to God. I choose Nehemiah.
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The star of the Bible is Jesus which for me also represents my favorite character.

The Books of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament are the primary resources to learn about Him.

However, I will admit the last chapter in the Bible, The Book of Revelations written by John also intrigues me.

Thanks for asking.


No doubt ...............that is JESUS
because ............ he die for us.......
he is the love ........and peace..... life ........and all
he is the son of load.............
so i feel he is ma favorite character in the holy bible........


Other than Jesus I'd have to go with Job. He never 'lost his head when all men doubted him' .
I think Kipling got the idea for "If" from him.