When will humans cease to exist?

6 Answers

Depends who you ask.

Some people say that we will be extinct within 5 years of the loss of the honeybee, but others disagree, saying there will be a massive die off of people when honeybees go extinct, but that humans will not totally die off at that time.

I know it is generally agreed that if we do not change our ways we will not be around much longer (not more than 1,000 years). The blame is our own; human overpopulation is a major threat - we have already caused the extinction of many other species and if we continue to allow the population to grow it is likely we will cause our own extinction.

With 7 billion people we rely on non-renewable resources, but worse is that we are using renewable ones faster than they can be renewed. As we cut trees we start to tip the scale because trees are needed to clean the air - to give us oxygen. Plus as we cut them, landslides occur, it might not seem like much but silts wash into the rivers, and oceans, killing fish habitats - thus a food source is decreasing, plus the pollutions are also destroying the environment.

To give an accurate answer as to when the last human will die, it all depends on if we smarten up or not. If we continue to populate the planet AND live the greedy consumer based lifestyle many people have started living, it will be sooner, rather than later. The American people are often said to be the worst in terms of consuming the planet's resources so it is them that need to be targeted most in terms of educating them not to be so materialistic and greedy.


Very hard to describe. Probably thousands, or even millions of years from now. Either a new species will dominate us, or some natural disaster will happen that will wipe out the whole planet. Hard to tell, and only time will tell.


According to some climate scientists, humans risk extinction within the next 100 years. However, other scientist believe that we could have upto 1000 years or more.


No one knows for certain, humanity could end tomorrow or in 10000 years. Sir Issac Newton firmly stated that he believed the world would end no sooner than 2060.


Stephen Hawking recently predicted that we only have 1000 years left unless we do more space travel. I figure he'd know better than I would!


Humans will cease to exist when their environment is no longer suitable to sustain any form of population.