What exists more science or religion

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I know this is going to cause a big debate in why I want to ask this question also I know that this causes a big debate everywhere but I love science and I love to study religion but it seems like everybody has a different religion almost like the same story to the Bible for example every religion creates a idol or God figure which resembles Jesus and create a underground figure which resembles evil..... good and bad ying and yang etc. But science is totally different but sometimes relate to those things of the Bible also i hate to say this because everyone has their different views but I've seen people get healed by miracles and I also seen people get healed more by science by discovering new method of medication to help sick patients or ou humans get over our sickness that we tend to defeat with science but is it all in our head does science exist more and religion its just a placebo effect to help us out in our life or does religion really exist and science is made from are one and only Creator God? to be or not to be that is the question lol I just want to throw some humor in there

I know that buildings, cars, etc. have builders because I've seen people building things like them and I know that there's whole industries that exist to make those things. There is as enough evidence to verify that those structures came from intelligent design as there should be. I know that things like rocks, oceans, and kittens arose from natural cumulative processes because that is what science has documented. If I'm to believe instead that a central intelligent force planned them to be, and that it's just as obvious as someone designing and constructing a building, then I expect to see the same kind of evidence, and I don't.

And the position of science on how the world came to be is not randomness. Natural laws happened organically through simple processes repeating themselves and developing complex systems. We live on a planet that's vastly inhospitable to us and it's mostly through our own advancements and adaptation that it's even possible for us to think this was all created for us by a being who shares our likeness and centers his life around us to the point of having his son die a horrible death on our behalf. It's a form of self aggrandizement that we would want to believe that, in my opinion.

And I know that I never doubted the existence of this god out of rebellion or spite, and had nothing against the concept, but I just found too many problems inherent in the concept.

As for miracles, there's placebo effects, there's selective reasoning in explaining what's happened, there's hallucinations, and sometimes people are just plain lying to your face about it. I wouldn't be so closed minded about it if I could just see some actual scientific verification that these miracles actually take place. That's no less than what most believers would demand to see if someone from another faith claimed miracles done by their god. Christianity has miracles, so does Islam, so does Judaism, so on and so forth. They all have their stories and none of them can prove that they are what they say they are.

But it's for you to decide for yourself. Good luck in your travels.


Cool question. Well, religions are beliefs and a lot of dogma can be found there. But, I don't find it particularly important. There are stories there that can teach you ways to live your life. I think religions are like movies.

They are stories. There are bad ones and good ones. But, I don't think there is a lot of knowledge of the afterlife, or anything like that. The person, or people that wrote the bible had their own stories and everyone has a different story to themselves. However, dogma and beliefs can be found in science too.

There are views that people have there that aren't really true. I think that science (scientific method) only works for something it can control and the mind cannot be harnessed in a laboratory. You can study it on your own with your dreams and things like that. There's a whole lot of information out there.

I don't think anyone should accept what they are told. You should go find out for yourself. If you wanna find out truth, you have to find it out for yourself. There could be a God, but I don't think the one from the bible is it.

I think God might be everything. If you think about it, you are an awareness and that awareness persists and is independent of the brain and part of it. I've come up with this idea cause of out of body experiences I have and things that cannot be explained in traditional science.

You'd probably like Thomas Campbell. He talks about this kind of thing and has videos on YouTube. I like to study things like quantum mechanics because it is really interesting. Religion and science both exist. But, if you're looking for truth, then you just need to look inside. Miracles make sense.


Science is readily visible and can be proven through observation and scientific research. Religion is invisible and people must trust in what they cannot see. However, the two are not necessarily contradictory.

The Bible refers to a thousand years being like one day to God and that explains the frequently raised question about the age of the planet as well as the age of mankind. Evolution proves man descended from ape like creatures and we carry that proof in our DNA which is about 98% identical to monkeys. If God formed man, the forming may have taken many different appearances before modern man came into being and it is likely we are still in the process of being formed because evolution continues in all creatures.

So, in answer to your question, I believe you can see God in science. You can see the symmetry, the perfection and the brilliance.


The main point to keep in mind is that existence should be provable. Something which is said to exist should also have direct evidence proving that it does, in fact, exist. With that in mind, it is fact that there are literally millions of aspects of various sciences which are 100% provable time and again, whereas to date there is not even one piece of evidence which can be proven to show the existence of anything supernatural.

The Supernatural (God, angels, and most other aspects of religion) are very similar to Greek myths. They are there to explain the things that we, as humans, cannot yet explain. However, as the knowledge humans have about the universe around them grows, the areas left unexplained shrink. Therefore, God is an ever-shrinking bubble of the unknown.


Science is a religion to some. But science also can support the true religion.

That the Creator must exist to create the creation. Because what does not exist cannot create.

Every aspect that you can analyze in this world indicates that the Creator exists, because all the creation have beginnings.


Simple. TRUE science agree with TRUE religion.