How many minutes in one day?

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hi members a question about: how many minutes in one day?,please quickly, thanks

It depends on the day and the planet in question.

Since the question does not specify what planet is being asked about I cannot simply just assume that it would be an Earth day.

There are many, many planets in the universe and the day that those planets have is substantially different than a day on Earth due to the relative nature of time and distance from their stars.

There is no absolute minutes in one day answer because it isn't clear what planet or spatial object is being asked about, and because of the nature of how a day functions based on the light from a sun in a solar system on a planet, that is extremely important context that must be answered first in order to have an understanding of how many minutes in a day there are.

I do not assume that it is Earth that is being asked about. With some many different planets in the universe there are so many options and days that could be asked about, and as a minute is a measure of time that is exact but the amount of minutes in a day varies on the planet and the conditions of the planet relative to the solar system it is in the total number of minutes in one day is going to be different for each and every planet.


I usually don't look at other answers, but the number in the first answer got my attention, because I knew it was the wrong answer. We wouldn't want the asker to think this is the correct answer.

There are 24 hours in a day. Each hours is 60 minutes. Multiply 24 x 60, and the answer is 1,440. There are 1,440 minutes in a day.


Answer: 1440 minutes

Explanation: There is 60 minutes in an hour. There is 24 hours in a day. You multiply 60x24=1440.


You say how many minutes in day not in night.the total hour in day is 12 than
minuts in day 720.----- 12x60


24 hours x 60 minutes gives us 1440 minutes in an "earth" day.


Wow, this is quite simple. its just 60minsx24hrs= 1440mins


There are 2040 minutes in a day. 24 hours X 60 min. per


24 hours X 60 minutes per hour.