How many inches make 1 feet?

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please members my new question: how many inches make 1 feet?, please i need many answers

The answer is actually far much more specific than the standard practice of simply writing:

"12 inches = 1 foot"

(Or the shorthand version: 12"=1')

This only describes the relationship between the two as being equal within a certain amount of error, one significant figure in this case, which is an enormously misleading statement. Twelve inches IS one foot. No error is introduced by when changing between these units. So the standard three-bared equal sign should be replaced by the three-barred DEFINES sign. Without using the symbol, the statement can simply be written as:

"One foot equals twelve inches, by definition."


"One foot is defined by twelve inches."

By only writing: "12 inches = 1 foot", you are not excluding 12.4 inches being the size of one foot! While This is clearly not the case.

I hope this helps!


1 foot is made up of 12 inches. So to convert from feet to inches you need to multiply by 12 and to convert inches into feet you need to divide by 12. Let's take a look at a couple of examples of converting between inches and feet:

Example 1

Change 8 feet into inches.

All you need to do is multiply by 12 as you are changing feet into inches:

8 x 12 = 96 inches.

Example 2

Change 36 inches into feet.

This time you need to change inches into feet so you need to divide by 12:

36/12 = 3 feet


1 foot = 12 Inches 1 x 12
2 feet = 24 Inches 2 x 12
3 feet = 36 Inches 3 x 12

and so on, Just x whatever number of feet by 12 and you get your answer.


1 ft = 12 in


12 inches.