1 meter how many kilometers?

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hello this my question: 1 meter how many kilometers?, may you answer me please

The prefix in kilometer, i.e., kilo, simply comes from the SI unit system and refers to the quantity 1000. Therefore, 1 kilometer is by definition 1000 meters. For the same reason, we can immediately also see that 1 meter must be 1 / 1000 kilometers or 0.001 kilometers.

As seen from the above, in order to convert a distance in meters to kilometers, we can simply take the distance in meters and divide it by 1000 which will then give us the distance in kilometers.

I hope this answers your question and allows you to more easily convert between meter and kilometer unit of length in the future. Good luck!


It takes 1,000 meters to make 1 Kilometers, so with the way your question is worded 1 meter would be equal to 1/1000th of a a kilometer. That's One One-Thousandth.

For smaller units it takes 100 centimeters to make 1 meter
1000 millimeters to make 1 meter


The prefix kilo means 1000, so kilometers literally translates into 1000 meters. This means that kilogram means 1000 grams and so on. Not to be confused with the prefix Milli (as in millimeter) which means one-thousandth.


1000m = 1 km Then
1 m = ? km

(1m/1000m)*1km = 0.001km


I km have 1000m
so 1m have km =1/1000
= 0.001km


1 meter = .001 km