Why will global warming ever be reversed by human intervention

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Are the promises just hot air?

In order to reverse global warming (whether that warming be caused by carbon dioxide and methane greenhouse gas emissions or by natural causes) man would have to change climates worldwide by impossibly huge engineering efforts. The planet earth must heal itself. The natural forces available are enormous and are quite capable of doing the job.

Volcanoes are a double edged sword: they produce huge amounts of greenhouse gases, but huge eruptions can also load the atmosphere with light blocking ash. When Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991 it caused global cooling of up to 0.7 degC by August 1992.

The sun's current cycle of activity is rather weak and the weaker-than-usual maximum sunspot activity was 18 months or so "late" compared to the average eleven year cycle. When NASA announced the flip in the sun's magnetic field last month (it flips every time sun activity goes through its maximum) they also mentioned that the weak activity could trigger a mini ice age. Ice ages cause precipitous cooling as the increased albido of increasing ice and snow feed the cooling effect. Then it will be followed a few thousand years of warming up again.

But mankind can at least change its hydrocarbon habits to minimize its negative impact: the greatest contribution would be to generate our electricity from nuclear energy instead of hydrocarbons (coal, oil and gas) and stop kidding ourselves that wind and solar energy can have a significant impact.

The good news is that Antarctic sea ice has increased significantly the last two years and currently well exceeds the 1961-2010 average. Arctic sea ice during the summer was way above 2012 values, and during the spring of 2013 was close to average for the 1979-2000 period (funny how these recent polar conditions didn't make headline news).


Can we possibly reverse the contributions we've made to global warming? I think not, at least not any time in the near future. Obviously our contributions to global warming come from releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and fluorocarbons. Any possible methods of reversing the effects of global warming (at least out contributions to it) are either outside the realm of commonsense, or just require far, far too much energy to be feasible.
No, the most we can do right now is just try to stop our contributions to global warming, such as using cleaner energy sources, and trying to manage any greenhouse waste we produce. In the distant future we may possibly find a way to reverse our contributions to global warming. The ways in which technology advances are extremely unpredictable, so who's to say that scientists that won't find a way to reverse global warming in the next 100 years?


I am no expert, but I don't believe that human intervention is likely to be successful in curing global warming. I believe that the phenomenon is a message to us from the Universe, telling us that we must change our destructive ways. I don't believe there is anything we could do short of changing the ways we do things.

The bottom line is, that the direction our society has evolved in, I just don't see the likelihood for big industry and society as a whole to start backtracking in order to forge a new direction, with far less destruction. No, global warming will continue, intervention or not.


My solution to reverse global warming is to make a lot of things white. Reflect the light back like snow and ice does. However in reality I doubt global warming will be reversed by human intervention. It is more likely that is will be reversed by nature. Weather patterns will change, there will lots of bad storms along with other bad things, people will be forced to change their habits and global warming will be reversed eventually.

I think it will be a result of changes in the weather and people doing things to help reduce global warming out of necessity.


Yes, hot air. I believe the global warming is due to center of the earth having volcanic issues. I do not believe we are causing it at all. Warm air is coming up, not going down.


Global warming is very hard to change due to high industrialization. the only thing to do is to cotrol it before it becomes too dangerous