When does swimming pool

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weather finally arrive in your area?

Swimming pool weather arrived in my area since the start of March. Since I live in Florida, I haven't seen much of winter, we did have a small cool down last week, but for the most part swimming pool weather arrived here at the start of March and it is here to stay till fall and sometimes further.


Days when you can use an outdoor swimming pool are few and far between in the UK! The months of July and August are supposed to be the warmest and driest but it can still rain quite a lot and the occasional days will be quite windy and cold. Some years the months of April and May will be warmer than the main summer months but this varies year on year and this year we've had huge amounts of rainfall and it's unusually cold.

That's probably why so few people in the UK have swimming pools outside!


I am in South Carolina and we have been enjoying our pool for the last month. I would say at the beginning of April it was still cold for my taste, but I have two boys, so cold temp didn't stop them then. Now I am loving it as well, since the weather is so hot ( in 90th), but the water is still cool. May is the best month for swimming pool season in SC. During summer, unfortunately, I feel like a chicken in a bowl of soup, the water gets so hot, it is almost unbearable.


It depends where I am. If I am in England probably never, because most of the time the weather is rainy here.

However in Slovakia it has already arrived it seems, because this week it was already over 35 Degrees there this week, in some places 40 Degrees. That is a bit unusual, normally the swimming pool weather arrives in middle of June or late June until late August. Even then the temperature normally doesn't exceed the 32 Degrees.


In my area, swimming pool weather is almost year-round. There may be a short time during January and February that the weather is too cold to use the pool, but even then, it depends on the year.

This year, it has stayed mostly in the 60's and 70's, even during the winter. It did get colder than that for a little while, but not that long, and it wasn't as cold as it has been in recent years.


I'm in the UK and it is freezing cold here and pouring with rain at the moment.

The weather varies wildly, but I would say that June/July/August are usually a pretty safe bet.

We have an old saying "Don't cast a clout till May is out", meaning that the weather is usually unreliable until May is over.

Saying that, the last few years have been wet over here!


In my area swimming pool season starts near the end of May for those with water heaters. The people that do not heat their pools need to wait a bit longer or swim in cold water. I live in Ontario Canada. There have been a few days where it was warm enough to swim in a heated pool already. Soon we will have more warm days and people will start to open up their pools.


I live in Greece and I do not have a swimming pool but it is beach weather and has beem since mid-April. Since the beaches are already being samped with people I would like to assume that people owning pools arre also enjoying them.