What helps you cope with the heat especially in summer?

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What things do you do to make it easier to cope with the heat?

Living in the deep south, hot weather is something I have learned to live with all my life. Some of the best ways to cope with excessive heat, are to pace yourself and not overtax your body. Get up early to take advantage of the cooler morning hours, drink plenty of water, wear a broad rimmed hat and cooler cotton clothing, take frequent breaks to cool off in the shade and get a drink, wear a good sunscreen and bug repellant, and stay inside in the ac during the hottest part of the day. Work in the shade whenever possible and plan outside activities for the cooler mornings and evening hours. If you are working where there is an electrical outlet nearby, use a fan to get the air moving around you.

You need to recognize the signs of getting too hot, having a dry mouth or lips, excessive sweating, feeling weak or light headed, and labored breathing. When you see any of these signs, its time to get into a cooler area, rest, and rehydrate your body. Take a cool shower or at least wipe the sweat off and get into some dry clothes. Drink something that will replenish the electrolytes and sugars your body needs like some sweet tea or fruit juices. Eat cooler, less filling meals like sandwiches and salads both to cool the body and to keep from using the oven or cooktop which will heat up the house. Keep the window shades and blinds closed when the sun is shining, to help cool the house. Run ceiling or floor fans as moving air will help to carry heat away from the body. Turn off or unplug any electronics that are not in use as they can produce more heat in the house.


I personally don't like the heat. I was born in the spring- and that's the weather I actually prefer. Well... spring and also fall.

But living out here in New York, we experience all of the seasons during the year- and when it's hot, I try to handle the heat the best way I could.

To deal with heat, here's what I would recommend:

1. Wearing light clothing. I'm talking about in terms of both weight and color. The darker the color, the more heat you draw from the sun. And also when you wear light clothing as opposed to heavy, you'll fair a lot better. You should also avoid wearing cotton, polyester, or flannel fabric clothing.

2. Stay hydrated. Water become extremely important to consume during the summer days. You need to replenish your body after losing sweat when it's hot. Drinking enough water also wards off dehydration, which is important to consider when the temperatures are high.

3. Stay indoors as much as possible. If you have an air conditioner.. fantastic! If you have a fan.. then great! Put those to good use. If you work indoors, they should already supply that. If you're outside, pace yourself and don't exert all of your energy. Try to get to a cool place- or an area where you have access to shade, water, or a place where you can sit.

During this time it's also important to check on the elderly, sick, and the disabled to make sure they're doing o.k. in the heat.

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I live in the desert, so coping with the heat is something I've gotten used to. There are times that I hate it, but for the most part, I do pretty well.

When it's very hot outside, I try to do most of my shopping, and anything that I have to go outside for either in the early mornings, or in the evenings as it's starting to cool down.

I stay inside during the hottest parts of the day, and keep the air conditioner running all the time, along with fans in the rooms that I am in.

I put extra dark window coverings on my windows to absorb much of the heat before it enters the house.

I keep ice cream and popsicles in the freezer which I do not hesitate to use when I start to feel overheated.

I always make sure that I have plenty of water in the refrigerator and plenty of ice in the freezer. I drink tons of ice water, because that seems to cook your entire body. If I'm going out, I freeze a water bottle, so that the water stays cold while I'm out, and I usually take an extra that's not frozen, so that I can just pour extra water into the ice as I drink it.

When my husband had to work out in the heat, he used to pour water over his head to keep cool. He still does this before taking his motorcycle out on the way to work. He's usually completely dry by the time he gets there, within about 20 minutes.


Living in south Florida is a real challenge during the summer! I hate the hot weather, but I just love the winter here, where I can sometimes wear a sweater!
I've had to cope with several major hurricanes here, and it's no fun to be without electricity when it's over 90 degrees! If we're lucky, we still have water, even if it's cold. So I'll take a cold shower, dry off...and here's the secret...cover yourself with cornstarch baby powder! It helps keep you cool and dry, and it really works well.
The other thing I do is keep a spray bottle filled with water in the refrigerator. I'm a preschool teacher, so when I'm out on the hot playground with the kids, I spray them down! Of course I spray myself too! It makes the heat more bareable.
I also invested in hurricane windows. They're expensive, but worth the investment. I save a lot on air conditioning, because the house stays much cooler. They're really amazing! If I touch the window when the temperature is 95, they're not even warm! Besides, if we do have a major storm, I don't have to worry about putting up panels or shutters!
Also, drink tons of water! If you hate water than toss in some lemon slices. Stay away from alcohol and beer! It sounds great to have an ice cold beer on a hot day, but it only makes you feel hotter in the end!
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1. After I washing my hands (e.g. after using the bathroom), I rub my still-wet hands up and down my arms and leave to dry naturally - it works to cool off. You can even rub your wet hands on your legs, especially behind the knees. For those whose hair covers their neck, rub your wet hands on the back of the neck. That also works.

2. If you have to be outside, definitely use a wide brimmed hat - sunglasses don't do anything for your head and body, only your eyes. I think of a wide brimmed hat as "my portable circle of shade".

3. Obviously as everyone else has already said, make sure you're never short of water. If you have to be outside a lot of the day, pack water to bring with you. Always keep a full emergency bottle of water in your vehicle, just in case.


Sitting still. Most people tend to fan themselves either with their hands or a fan. It may feel good for the minute you're doing it, but you tend to sweat more and become hotter after doing it. My solution is to invest in an air conditioner since it cools down your room a lot depending on what temperature you set it to. If you don't have or don't want to use an air conditioner, you can use a powered fan that rotates. If you pour yourself a cold glass of water or soda, it will cool you down as well. A cool, and partly wet towel around your neck helps a bunch as well.


I live in Florida and have worked outside in every imaginable condition. I worked on the ramp for a major airline. Not sitting in a frigid air conditioner before going outside, makes it much easier to tolerate the heat. I was used to the heat by avoiding air conditioning. If you do feel overheated.. I found drinking a sports drink (which helps balance out electroytes) was much easier on my system than water; which didn't sit well after physical exertion in the heat.


I live in Arizona. Let me do my best to answer this question. First off, I dress in VERY light clothing. Next, drink tons of water. Stayin in the pool is another good idea as well as making sure to sleep under light sheets. Sometimes I put my sheets in the freezer to keep them super cold. Next I shower a lot and make sure to have tons of fans around me. Also, I may put my night gowns/clothes in the freezer as well. They help keep my body cool for about 5 seconds.


I install a window air conditioner in the summer months to help keep cool. I also use the air conditioner in my car when I travel.

When I work at my home office desk I use a little 6 inch fan that helps keep me cool.

In addition I drink a lot of water. In the warmer months it's easy to get dehydrated so it is important to drink a lot of water.

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Aside from the obvious answers of drink water and stay in the AC, other things that I usually suggest to people include dressing very light or with special high-heat clothing, and wear mostly bright colors, if not white. Other things that help include adding shades for patios, trees/bushes for yards, and sprinklers for the kids to play in.