The best weather?

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What's your favourite kind of weather and why?

I absolutely love sunny weather. There's something about the sun being out that really gives off a positive vibe, and I absolutely love waking up to the sun's rays beating down on my face.

There is a catch though. Summer weather is great and all, but sometimes you get to places with high humidity and it is deadly. You can step outside for just a few minutes and feel the moisture cling to your shirt and feel your pores open up to sweat. This happened to me several years ago when I went to Tokyo with a few friends; we didn't expect the humidity to be so high and were desperately finding AC.


It really depends on my mood. It really depends on the things that I want to do that afternoon, or that moment. If I feel like swimming. I really prefer a sunny day, I want to feel the heat in my body and I want to get a suntan so the sun has to be out.

If I want to go skiing. Then I prepared cold-weather I wanted to be really cold so I can feel the cold in my bones. Overall, it depends on what I want to do every day and it depends on what my attitude that they ease.


I like the weather where I live in south Florida in the winter. When the air has very low humidity, and it's in the low to me 60's. I love to walk the beaches in the cool weather while it's sunny, and maybe even get the chance to wear a sweater for once! The summer months here are miserable, it's so hot and humid, it can hardly stand to be outside! I also love to sit on the back covered patio during a thunderstorm! Thanks for the question!


Rainy weather. You can sit at home or at class or just anywhere really. Watch outside like a melancholic.
It just feels romantic and cozy if you are in a warm room with some tea.
Also it just means you can concentrate on what you are doing quite easily.
Now don't get me wrong, sunny weather is good and all, but if you have nothing to do outside, then it really lacks any point for me.


My idea of perfect weather is a slightly chilly autumn day that is overcast and breezy with some drizzle. I enjoy the exhilaration of the refreshing chill after all the hot summer days, and I love cloudy days and the energy they give me. Extremely bright and sunny days, while wonderful to look at, really irritate my eyes and cause me to have headaches.


In my opinion, the best weather is about 80 degrees, no or low humidity, and sunny. That way, you have many options available. You can walk without getting too sweaty. You might even manage a nice day at the beach or the pool. 80 degrees and sunny is perfect cookout weather. Anything is possible!


My favorite kind of weather or the best weather in my opinion is a bright sunny day without a single gray cloud in the sky. The temperature has to be nor cool or too hot, just in between and a nice breeze should be blowing. That is my best kind of weather.


I love "Spring" weather...around the 75-80s. However, each season has something wonderful about it's weather; whether it be rain, snow, sunshine; there's an appreciation for Mother Nature.


Definitely sunny and clear weather! Summertime is the best time, you can lay down in the sun taking it easy or just take a swim to cool down your body.


I like a cool, crisp autumn day. The temperature is in the mid seventies the sky is blue and cloudless. That's my idea of a perfect weather day.