Sun, Sun, Sun ?

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Do you live in a region with a sunny climate ? Do you ever get fed up with the sunshine and wish for rain ?

I was born under the grey drizzly skies of England and lived there until I was 47 when I moved to Cape Town, South Africa.

The sun shone just about everyday and we had no rain for the first 10 months.
I found myself to my surprise wishing for rain. When it did rain. It rained big time.

After a few years of living in Cape Town it almost became a joke. 'What's the weather like today? sunny'

In the end it just becomes the norm and I really did not notice the sun at all and in fact rarely went out in it unless I had hectic sunblock on.

After 8 years in Cape Town I returned to live in the UK and I don't miss the daily sunshine and actually enjoy the variety of weather that we get here in the UK.

Have I wished for rain? yes
Do I miss the sun? No

Hope this helps you make a decision; as I guess this is what prompted the question.


Yes, I live in Central California. It can get up to 112 degrees in the summer in this area. There are times when I wish it would rain. It just began to rain here because we had a dry, warm autumn. The leaves have begun to turn different colors.

I like rain because it cleans out the air and gets rid of allergens when it rains. There are many times throughout the year when I wish it would rain. Summer would be nicer with a shower or two, but then, that might cause us to have tornadoes, and I would not like that.

I will not complain about the sun, though. It feels great on the skin when it has been cold and rainy. In the middle of March, we are in need of a day of sun. By then, we will be tired of cold air and rain, and we will be begging for days of sunshine!


I too live in Central California but I?m having a different opinion on the sun and rain. I love the heat and do not enjoy the rain.

I will gladly take the heat over a cold and rainy day. I do not like having to wear all of the layers that are needed on a cold rainy day. If it is a hot summer day shorts and a t-shirt are sufficient to stay comfortable.

We also have a few animals and when it rains they get filthy. The horses roll in the mud and are a pain to brush all of the dry mud off of them. We also have to keep our dogs in their crates because they get all wet and need to dry off before we can let them loose in the house.

I never get tired of the sun.


Oh, yes, I get sick of the sun. I live in Las Vegas, and I would give anything to see some rain, or snow, or something different sometimes. Of course, it's not so much the sun that I hate, as it is the heat, and if I hear one more person tell me, "at least it's a dry heat," I think I'm going to scream. Dry or not, when it's above 105, it's hot, and you produce your own humidity, called sweat, and feel really gross. You have to take at least 2 showers a day, and you still feel hot and sticky.

Of course, it's not so bad right now, because it's in te 60's, but during the summer, my husband and I start talking about moving every time.


I live in Columbus, Ohio in the Midwest of the United States. Ohio is a four-season state with cold, wet winters, delightfully, temperate Falls, rainy Springs and warm, largely pleasant Summers. Generally, I enjoy every season but the winter. The first snow is pretty, but then it's generally downhill from there with too much ice and cold. Occasionally, we will have an unseasonably warm Winter with warmer temperatures and little precipitation.

I keep threatening to move further South to lessen my odds of experiencing another cold Winter, but thus far, I have stayed put. I would love to live in Hawaii, but who wouldn't?


I live in the most wonderful city of Las Vegas. Its full of excitement, fun and yes heat. Lots and Lots of heat. I?ve lived out here for 28 years and love every minute of it. I have lived everywhere as an Air Force Brat including in Turkey for 2 years. Again a desert clement. I don not like huge rain storms and thunder scares me to death after living in Louisiana So the desert is what I love and will stay here for a very long time. I had thought to move to San Diego CA. Then I got caught in the fog and storms on the ocean and Dan Diego will remain my favorite get away destination.


I live in the tropics. It was warm all year round. And the most difficult part wasn't eased by rain. If anything the rain would make it worse because of the humidity. The mosquitoes were a pain in...well everywhere, and people are angrier in hot weather.

I'm naturally a warm person, so I'm more at home in a cooler climate. But I toughed it out in the tropics for 8 years so I'm quite happy where I'm at right now.


I live in India and in my area sun is very hot in summer but still I don't want rain. The reason is Indian roads. I like rain but still I don't want it, whole city become dirty. You can not walk on the roads. In old parts of the city the situation becomes even worst. But once you get out of the city the rain is beautiful. I enjoy rain in my farms and hills but not in my city.


I live in Victoria, Australia and we have a saying here:
"If you don't like the weather in Victoria, just wait a minute!"

We often can have 4 seasons in one day too! It's starting to warm up now though and after a loooonnng winter I say "BRING ON THE SUN!"


Its always raining where I live. I live in a rainy climate and I wish it was more sunny.