Is the winter weather in your region milder, normal or more harsh than usual this season?

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Where do you live, (the general region), and what has the weather been like for you this winter? It appears that some people in the western part of the U.S. are having unusually cold temperatures and in some locations on the east coast, it is much milder than usual. How are you faring? Temperatures, precipitation, etc.

In the UK our weather is swinging from very mild to arctic temperatures. We are having a big freeze with a good amount of snow at the moment but a couple of weeks ago it was so mild you could almost sit out in the garden.

We get a ridiculous amount of rain here which seems to have increased in recent years and is my one big gripe. Last summer we had so little sunshine as it rained constantly.

This year is not typical of our winter weather. In the last month we have gone from the mildest to the coldest of temperatures. Normally in my region it becomes cold around November/December time and stays that way (with the odd milder day) until March. Bring on the thaw!


I live way down south in the Houston Metro area of Texas and, thus far, this winter, this area has experienced more severe colder temperatures than we are accustomed. In recent years, winters in this area have been very mild, short, and some years almost non-existent.

Our recent temperatures have hovered around freezing during mid-day with the nights dipping well below the freezing point. I have observed many of my neighbors struggling early in the mornings to remove the ice from their car windshield which had been exposed during the night.

We have had more rainfall this winter than usual, and, fortunately, most of it has been slow precipitation which has permitted the ground to soak it up as opposed to the flash floods which we routinely get and then all water runs down the drains.

Snow and ice is a truly rare thing in this area although only four hours of driving time away from here, other areas have had more snow and ice than usual. There seems to be absolutely no pattern to our weather.


I live in the Midwest where we have four very distinct seasons. I am 'one of those' who complains all summer because it is too hot and all winter because it is too cold. I really only like the Spring and the Autumn.

Thus far our winter has been pretty typical. We haven't come anywhere near record-breaking weather. The temperatures have been moderate and we haven't had much precipitation.

We did have an ice storm last week that necessitated chipping and scraping a half inch or more of ice off my car. Travel was dangerous for a day or two but now it's melted completely.

We are supposed to experience a cold wave beginning Sunday. Monday and Tuesday the forecast includes a high of 20º F and a low around 5º F. Although those temperatures don't sound particularly low, with the windchill factor it will be bitter.

I don't live too far from Chicago, the Windy City. Today we had wind gusts up to 35 mph. I hope it's calmer the beginning of the week.


I live in east central Kentucky; from what I've been told by those who've lived here, we've not had any kind of normal winter yet. It's been in the 60s for the past week, although today is back to the 20s and we had snow. Even though it's been "cold" according to my neighbors, this isn't normal winter weather. We've also had enough days of rain to make our ridge a swamp.

Wisconsin, on the other hand, where I'm from, seems to be having a normal winter. They've had one fairly major winter snow storm and from the weather email alerts I still receive, they've had enough days of "weather" to make me believe they're having a normal winter.

And with that, I am very glad to have moved south.


Where I live, things have been quite normal this year, maybe a bit milder than normal, but not by much. However, last winter was extremely cold and so was last summer with temperatures that were very uncommon here. The temperatures themselves were in actuality not very high, but since it was unusual to have such high temperatures, it was a true pain as nothing is accommodated for it. For example, the availability of air conditioning systems at homes is very rare. I remember that during the hottest day, taking the car to random places was the best way to avoid the heat, the cars at least are equipped with A/C systems. We took the car, drove for a while to some big mall, and would spend the time there instead of at home where we would have melted away.


Where I live the winter weather is milder than usual. To take my dog for a walk this time of year I usually put on an extra pair of pants, an extra heavy shirt, and an extra pair of socks, along with my winter coat. We had some normal temperatures and it was really cold but we have had a lot of days where the temperature was well above the normal seasonal temperatures.

A few days ago I did not even need a coat when I went out and some runners were wearing shorts and t-shirts. For about a week it felt like late spring and the snow and ice melted. Now it is cold again but still warmer than normal. It has rained more than usual because this time of year we should only be getting snow.


I live in one of those areas where it is unusually cold. Our overnight temperatures have been in the 20's and I'm feeling it. I'm also not a person who likes extreme temperatures, so I dislike both extreme heat and extreme cold.

During the summers here, I have to deal with extreme heat, and this year I've been dealing with extreme cold. The cold does get pretty extreme often, but this year seems especially bad, because there is just biting cold with no snow or anything that would, to my mind, justify the cold.