Is climate change real?

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Is our planet's climate really changing?

Change is the name of the game on this planet and that includes all aspects of it including the climate. The climate is in a constant state of flux or change. By climate, I am talking about long term weather trends that result in the formation of long lasting climate zones, not climate trends that only last for 10's or 100's of years.

The climate has constantly varied on our planet from periods where there were fern forests and dinosaurs living within the polar regions to ice ages where glaciers existed for ten's of thousands of years as far south as Chicago and Kansas City. We understand some of why the climate changes took place such as changes in the earth's orbit around the sun and ocean currents being changed by continental drift.

There are those who argue that there is no way that we, being only simple organisms on the planet, can cause climate change, but it has happened before and because of much simpler organisms than we are.
There was no free oxygen on the early earth as it was all locked up in chemical combinations with other elements. Oxygen is very chemically reactive and forms compounds like metal oxides and water.

It was only after one celled blue green algae arose and filled the atmosphere with free oxygen, that a climate fit for other oxygen breathing life forms was created. It was because of these simple organisms that our planet developed an ionosphere to block deadly solar rays and the oxygen they released also bonded with toxic materials to make the atmosphere safe for us to breathe.The planet affects the life on it and the living organisms affect the planet. We are no more or no less important than any other organisms on the planet.

Yes, I believe the current climate is changing and I believe that we are the main cause because of our use of fossil fuels. There is simply no way to fill the atmosphere with all the CO2 that we are dumping into it without causing major changes.


Global warming is nonsense. Now tbtb are calling it climate change. The earth has gone through many changes before there was industry and automobiles. Greenland was named as such because it had a temperate climate. We now know that much of Greenland is iced over.
The idea that all the iceburgs will melt and flood our shorelines is preposterous. Try this experiment. Fill your glass with ice cubes then add any drink to nearly the top of the glass. Now, let the drink sit there until the ice is melted. Is the counter flooded with water? Nope..
By the way co2 which is carbon dioxide is changed to oxygen by living breathing trees and plants. This is known as photosynthesis.
Climate change is disputed by many scientists; we are never told this. It is a ruse by our government to collect more taxes plain and simple. And taxes paid by hard working people will fix this alledged global warming by? You got me?!
Climate change is a nothing but a ruse by the govt. to collect more taxes!


There is no doubt that the climate is changing, all measurement points show trends of this. Therefore, it is difficult to claim that climate changes are false. However, what is often up for discussion is the cause of this climate change.

Provided an event, we know that causality does not prove its validity. In any case, the theories are that the climate changes started with the introduction and wide use of fossil fuels, therefore the fossil fuels or the carbon dioxide emission must also explain the climate changes. However, while this sounds like a straight forward task, scientists really have a hard time proving this in a water-tight manner. The reason being that simulations of the earth's climate is so complex that few models can actually accurately and with a high confidence reveal all details. This is also the reason why weather forecasts are usually not very accurate and large inaccuracies can easily be found in a forecast when compared with the ground truth.


I haven't noticed anything too unusual around here, so I'd say no. The only thing that I noticed were hotter summers and milder winters the past two years, but nothing too unusual. This summer has been much cooler than past summers, and its about time for a comfortable summer anyway. Some people can't stand extreme heat, and too many have fallen ill or died from extreme heat, as any other hot summer. Overall, we're pretty stable around here.

Now as for global warming, if tree choppers would stop cutting down all of our trees, we'd have shade refuge out of the hot summer sun. I noticed at one of our state parks how much cooler it is back there with all of the trees. We need our trees back, and we the people have the power to stop tree choppers from taking away all of our trees.


Yes, I believe the climate of the earth is definitely changing. I live in south florida, and every summer is hotter than the one before. Even the hurricanes coming off of the coast of Africa are stronger And more dangerous. The glaciers off of Alaska are melting due to warmer ocean temperatures. There are more major snow storms up north. There have been many more tornadoes reported, and many more in areas that never had tornadoes. Some areas have had incredible devastating flooding, much more than before.
I believe the earth is fighting back, after our atmosphere has become more and more polluted over the years.


Suppose we put up a blackboard. And we ask everyone on earth what colour the board is. I can guarantee there are people who would tell us that board is not black in colour.

The debate of climate change is like everything else. No matter how obvious the answer is. There are always people say one thing while the others say something else.

All signs of climate change are in front of us. Climate change is definitely happening for me.


In the area where I live the climate has changed very significantly in the last ten years or so. It's barely livable for those that can't afford air conditioning in the summer anymore. This was not the case ten years ago. Plus the weather is unpredictable now to a degree that holds no resonance to what I remember from a decade or so back.


All the scientific evidence supports the theory that our climate is changing, however no scientist is claiming its as bad as the politicians do.