How do you feel about the weather in your area lately ?

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The winter in my ariea (Idaho) still seems to be here. It's lasting longer than last year, also temperature fluxuations are really weird, what about your ariea ?

I live in Norfolk, UK and the weather lately has been strange. We had a very unusually mild winter - normally we have a lot of snow and bad weather, but there were only a handful of times that we had to scrape the car. There was a lot more rain than we normally have which caused a lot of major flooding in the area. Norfolk is a very popular place to come to see wildlife and birds, but sadly a lot of their habitat was destroyed in the floods.

Over the past few months, we have had some lovely weather. It has been cold in the evenings, but mainly sunny and dry during the day. This has meant that we could get out in the garden and have it looking good for the summer. We have been planting lots of new plants and shrubs. My partner has his vegetable patch up and running and full of plants ready to grow.

Some forecasters say that the UK is in for a great summer with one program predicting a heatwave. I hope this is true as we could all do with some warm sunny summer days.


The weather in our area is really nice lately. It is a little hot, which is okay. I like both hot and cold areas. It would be great to go to somewhere like Colorado where it is always nice out. I like the setting of a nice cabin in the dark woods. Kind of like the place where Merlin lived in sword in the stone.

The weather there is always really nice. I think it would be at least. But, I have enjoyed the weather here. It is hot, but it is also nice because there has usually been a nice breeze to accompany the mild heat.

I think it's nice too because I get to be inside with the air conditioning and it feels really nice. The best climate I would say is where it's a bit chilly and there is a nice, cool breeze. It's just enough so you have to wear a coat.

That is my favorite kind of weather. But, I'm happy with what I have here for now.


Our weather in the northeast has been very strange to say the least. The weatherman will say it's going to be a sunny day today with a little wind. The wind ends up being so strong I almost get knocked down. I have a red face from the "little wind".

Saturday I was standing in my yard talking. It was sunny. Out of nowhere, I could see the sky go dark. The wind started blowing very hard. The wind swooped down over my area, then as quickly as it came, it left again and the sun came back out.
The next minute I'm picking up trash cans that flew away from my house and my neighbors.

Our winter was exceptionally brutal this past year. I was hoping spring would be decent. So far in this month of May I turn the furnace on at night and open a window or two during the day.

Thanks for your question.


I wanted to start biking once a week to get in shape for summer but it has been too cold. The one weekend I went for a bike ride my hands and ears were too cold. It hurt. So I am going to wait until it warms up before I try again. Last night it was cold enough for snow or freezing rain. It should be warm by now but it is not. Instead of 20 degrees Celsius as the average high we are getting 10 degrees as the average high temperature. The long range forecast is calling for warmer temperatures though.

It does not seem like winter is still here but it does feel like the weather is behind schedule by over a month. It feels more like the last week of March than the first week of May.


I live in south Florida, and it must say that we had an incredible winter! Unfortunately, it seems as though many parts of the country were miserable, and the winter lasted forever. I've haven't heard of so much snow in a very long time. Now that we are heading towards summer, I have to brace myself. I hate the summer here! The heat and humidity is unbearable and we have to start getting ready for possible hurricanes. Right now it's been in the mid 80's, but soon it will get much hotter. Unfortunately, I think that the weather patterns everywhere will only get more intense over time, they already say the earth is warmer than it had been. Hope that this helps!


This year, the weather has been really weird.

Just when I think that the heat for the year has really gotten off to a good start, there's a day like today was where the temperature doesn't even quite reach 70. I do have to admit, however, that I love the effect on our air conditioning bill. Normally by now it would already have started to go over $100, and it's staying at a little more than half of that.

I know that eventually it will get hot again, but right now, I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures while they last.


I feel suffocated. It is blisteringly hot and there is barely any wind to cool it down. I can practically smell the heat. Then I think about those of you who have that ice cold to contend with and I thank God that I have sun all year round. I am not cut out to face the cold I would simply lose my mind.

In order to cool down I have been drinking nearly frozen iced tea and it has helped a lot.


It has been abysmal to say the least. That said, we will hit a supposed 80 degrees on Thursday, but it drops right back down after that, and that day will unfortunately be rainy according to the weatherman's prediction.

I would take consistent 60s right now, but all we have been able to get are high 40s and low 50s. It is making me miserable.


I'm in Texas, and we had a winter that was longer and colder than usual (which, granted, is not saying much compared to many other parts of the country). However, the spring has been pretty typical.


It is like the middle of summer here, he skies are blue, people are out in their pools, and back into the sea. It is absolutely glorious. Everyone have tans and it feels like the middle of June.