How bad is the snow situation in USA this time round?

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I've watched some bit of the news and would love to know more

I live in the Midwest, Illinois to be specific. We haven't had any snow in the last week, save a dusting of light snow a couple of days ago. We haven't, however, had any appreciable accumulation.

Typically, we have at least a few inches of snow on the ground this time of the year. Right now the ground is clear, except for a few patches here and there that are always in the shade.

Edit: Boy, did I speak too soon. It's 4:43 a.m. now and there's almost six inches of snow on the ground with at least another foot predicted before sunfall. At 3 o'clock I looked out and couldn't believe my eyes. In 60 years I've never seen such big snowflakes. They were, literally, the size of my palm.

I ran to the neighborhood convenience store about 20 minutes ago and all I can say is I'm grateful my car has all wheel drive. Later today this snow will likely shut down my town, if not the entire county. The plows can't keep up with the snow when it's coming down at this rate.


I live in the New York City metropolitan area. So far the winter of 2015 has been pretty tame around here. The weather has been very cold this year, but we've had below average snowfall. Luckily, most of the major storms this winter have either veered to the east or to the north of us. Either that or the storms brought enough warmth with them to produce mostly rain.

Of course the winter of 2015 is only half over, and some of the biggest snow storms that we've had in this area in recent years have occurred in the month of February. I love the natural beauty of freshly fallen snow. I really do not mind snow in general, but I hope that we don't get any crippling storms this year. Of course, how much snow we'll get this year remains to be seen. One thing you can count on if we do get a major winter storm in 2015 we will make it through like we always have.


It all just depends on where you live in the US. If you live in the northeastern part of the country right now, it's very cold and there's a lot of snow that is keeping flights grounded and causing other problems.

In the northwestern part of the country, it can be pretty bad from time to time as well, although I think this year and last year the northeast was hit harder. The southern parts of the country, however, are largely unaffected by all of the snow. We've gotten a bit of rain, but even then, not that much. It will rain for a day or so here and there, and up in the mountains, they may get a bit of snow, but there's not much to speak of.


It hasn't been this bad according to last year, but there is currently a huge snow storm coming in this week hitting the north head on. Places like NY and Boston are expected to be the center and may get 2-3 feet of snow and some sports games are being rescheduled like most recent Knicks game.

Now I live in NC so obviously I don't see a lot of snow in the winter. I remember we had two decent snow days last year, but none so far this year as it hasn't even been cold enough. There is a change that we could get a small portion of this big storm hitting the north, but it won't be that much. We would get what northerners call a light snow.


I live in Ohio, the weather has been extremely bad comparing it to years in the past. The roads almost everyday have had snow on them. At times it was very cold, -5 degrees! Its never been this cold and we usually don't get this much snow. Currently the weather reporters are calling for another 6-10 inches this weekend, I have trouble driving in this weather because I own a car that doesn't have four wheel drive. I don't mind the snow otherwise, I acutely like it.


As a resident in NY, I can tell you that the snow really is not that bad. We were told that there could be up to three feet of snow, but there is a maximum of one foot. Generally the roads are good and I have not heard of too many accidents.

Although it is a decent amount of snow for the area it is nothing crazy, and there was no blizzard.


In Boston, after over 24 hours of snowfall, the roads are now clear for the most part and the travel ban has been lifted.

At a relatives house, reportedly, they had to shovel their driveway a couple of times in one day just to keep up with the vast amount of snow that fell during the blizzard. A total of 30 inches!