How are rainbows created?

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How are rainbows created?

Rainbows are not created in the sense that one may think. A rainbow is merely refraction of light. Like when you look into a glass a certain way, you are able to see the color spectrum.

Light is interesting in this way, in that you are actually able to see all the individual elements within the earths atmosphere. The dispersion process is what breaks down the individual colors which represent each of the gasses in the earths atmosphere. It is important process that all astronomers now use to break down gasses on earth like planets to see if perhaps life exist within the atmosphere or even on the ground of the planet.


The formation of rainbow is due to the refraction and reflection of the sun's rays as they fall on the rain drops.More details are given below.
As a ray passes into a drop of rain,the water inside the drop acts as a prism.The ray is refracted as it enters the drop and is separated into different colors.These colors then undergo total internal reflection on the opposite inner side of the droplet, refract again when they come out of the droplet and reach the eye to enable us see the image of the rainbow.In fact many such droplets are responsible for the formation of the rainbow..............


Light travelling from behind the observer strikes droplets of water in distant shower clouds.
When all the angles are just right, the refracted light is bent back towards the observer in the same way that light is refracted by prisms in cats eyes and reflectors on the rear of vehicles.
Not only is the light refracted but it is also undergoes a phenomenon called dispersion where the light is split into it's various colors.


Rainbow are formed by the refraction of light through droplets of water. Water essentially acts like a prism,, splitting the light into its component colours. The refractive index of the water bends the various wavelengths by different degrees, resulting in a spread of colour.


The tiny droplets of water in the air acts as prism. When the sunlight passes through these tiny droplets of water in the air, its splits into seven colors.

The light is made up of seven colors that are violet, indigo, blue, green, orange, yellow and red.


Sun light goes through water and it breakes to 7 colours