Hot, or cold?

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Do you prefer hot weather, or cold weather? I prefer the cold.

I definitely prefer hot weather to cold weather by 1000 percent. In hot weather all I have to do is take a drink of cold water or splash a little cold water on my wrists and, walla, I'm quickly cooled down. When I am cold, especially on those cold days where the cold literally seeps into your bones, it takes hours and hours just to get the chill off so its hours of suffering and misery. Cold weather also gives me a lot of very bad headaches. Finally, trying to sleep when it is cold is nearly impossible. I have to heat up my sheets with a heating pad so I can get to sleep. On the other hand, when it is hot or warm, the warmth relaxes me so I can fall asleep easily. To keep cool enough, I just need to stick my feet out from under the covers.

Growing up my mother always loved the heat. She kept our house at 90 to 95 degrees so I grew up in a really warm house. In the 1970s when the US had an energy crisis and everyone was asked to keep their thermostats at 68 degrees or less, my mother went town to 76 degrees which was nearly a 20 degree temperature drop for us. We all wore sweaters in the house or had an afghan wrapped around us to stay warm - this was at 76 degrees. To us - that was cold. Today I keep my house at about 72 to 73 and in the wintertime - I'm cold but it's the best I can do to contribute to energy savings. If I hadn't grown up in such a warm home, who knows if I would be able to handle cold better these days but - I can't. So for me - Hot means being warm, safe and comfortable and being cold means being miserable, having severe headaches and enduring a lot of stress.


This is a tough question to answer, since we can't choose something in between.. I would say that I would choose cold weather to hot weather. I suppose this would depend on how cold and how hot.

My body is VERY sensitive to heat. Any time the temperature outside is 90 or more, I cannot be outside directly in the sun for very long at all. Even taking refuge under a shady tree or catching a breeze will not seem to help. I will get to the point to where my body will become physically sick.

As far as cold weather, I can handle it. Sure, it is uncomfortable at times, having to bundle up and let your car heat up, only to find that it doesn't get warm until you arrive at your destination and have to exit the car.

The season of getting sick easily, as most people pack into the shelter of buildings and homes, along with all of their germs. Fun stuff. Still, I would choose the cold and the possibility of getting sick, over the heat and the impending sickness I always end up experiencing.


Hot weather! I love love love the summer and the intense heat. When I think of hot weather I think of long road trips, or the desert. I think of a garden with tall trees, flowers and a bench. I think of the heat beating down but of that once place underneath the tree which offers shade.

Every year I go to Bulgaria to see my family in the summer and we go to the beach for a week. It's so so scorching. We swim, and tan, and walk around the beachside towns every night.

My cousin and I watch the sunrise every morning near the open plains were the sunflower fields start, then walk back just as the town is waking up and the cats are stirring around the street. We also go to our grandma's farm where its just boiling hot and we walk around the plot picking fruit off trees and riding horses.

I love the summer for this reason. Everyone's happy when the sun is shining. The cold is just unpleasant.


I like going to bed when it's cold, It's always nice but, I hate going outside when it's cold. Let's face it, when it's too cold, the only 'fashion' you are stuck with is well..coat. I like to be able to wear short skirt, short, mini dress, tank top, the list goes on but, I do hate the heat. I have been able to live in both extreme weather ,hot and cold and I'd say after over 6 months of long winter with every thing is white outside, I'd pick hot. This is why.

When it's hot, all I need is central air in the house and it will be cold in the house. When it's super cold, even though I turn on our heat, I could still feel the cold. Of course if you ask this question when we have gruesome summer with say....100 percent humidity for 6 months and over 100F for 6 months,

I might change my answer.


This winter has made it very difficult for me to get around and travel because of the more than usual snow, rain, sleet, hail, and the incredibly low temperature days here in New York.

For a period of time though, I did loved cold weather. Being able to snuggle up to a heater or a fireplace while drinking a soothing warm/hot drink has always been ideal. And traveling around was not as hard. But because of the crazy weather, I have been looking forward to spring- or rather summer (because it has still been a bit on the cold side this season), more than ever before.

But to answer your question, I prefer hot over cold- but not unbearably hot. What I prefer more is warm/cool (not cold) weather. Think autumn/fall time. Around 75 degree weather is fine by me year round.

Thanks for the question!


I actually prefer in between hot and cold weather, I don't care for either extreme. I grew up in the northern part of the country, and absolutely dreaded winter, unless I was looking outside through a window. Even as a child, I hated being cold. Now I live in south Florida, and love the winter months, because I'm happy with comfortable temperatures in the 70's. But, I hate the summers here! It's just unbearably hot and humid, and I can't stand to be outside. I really should be a snow bird, live in Florida in the winter, and New England in the summer! Thanks for the question!


I prefer hot weather, as it is easier and more fun to cool off then it is to warm up.

Although not too hot, blistering weather isn't too fun either. I love the warm summers though, with a cool breeze blowing steadily through the air. Ahh, just right.


Like nearly everyone else, I'm not crazy about extremes. If I had to choose, though, I'd pick cold weather. I can always bundle up if I'm not warm enough. There's a limit to how much I can take off if I'm too hot.


I prefer cooler weather, like the fall of the year. I like the feeling of cool crisp air which is perfect for campfires. I never did care for hot weather or really cold weather like the brutal winters we just came out of.


I prefer mild or moderate weather, not too cold and not too hot...