Do you prefer snow or rain?

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I waffle between the two for what I prefer at different points in my life.

When I was younger and I lived in much hotter climates I liked the rain because it brought a cool to the air and it brought the temperature down. Snow was this foreign thing that I had never seen and never participated in and never really understood.

I didn't see snow for the first time until I was about ten and I really didn't understand how cold it could be. For the first half of my life rain was something I preferred the most because rain brought life and rain brought variety to what seemed like a day on repeat, because I lived in sunny climates where it didn't rain much at all during the year.

Now as I get older I prefer snow a lot more. Snow brings a calm. Snow covers the landscape with a completely different perspective and that aesthetic is something that I appreciate more and more as I get older. I prefer snow because it is great to sit inside on a nice snowy day curled up by a fire and drinking hot chocolate and eating some cereal or something warm.

Snow brings so much change and difference and I prefer snow a lot more than rain in my older life because snow is so much different than rain. I've seen a lot of different types of rain and rain is mainly just annoying to deal with when walking under it or trying to go anywhere. Snow on the other hand is much more pleasant to walk about under and I actually like the fact that snow can carpet everything, and be used for such activities as skiing and snowboarding and making snow sculptures and buildings and a variety of other activities that can be done in the snow. Snow also brings water to the land and I think that I much prefer snowy environments that bring snow melt over environments that have drought or are tinder dry.


I prefer the snow in winter rather than rain. I think that this is mainly because, living in the UK, we see more than our fair share of rain over the year, so it's nice to have the snow. The snow is beautiful and I love to walk in it. We didn't have any last year on the South East of England in our county. I was looking forward to it, but it never arrived. Snow is so much fun and lovely to watch from the window. Children love playing in it and building snowmen. It is nice to watch everyone get excited about the snow when it falls. I have a lot of fond memories of it as a child - making snow angels, building huge snowmen, making slides and trying to catch the snow flakes in my mouth!

The only thing that I don't like doing is having to drive any distance in the snow. I bought a 4 X 4 jeep a few weeks ago, so that should make life easier as I live in a very remote part of the countryside. The snow can get pretty deep here and on several occasions, it has been cut off due to adverse weather.

I love to snuggle up in front of the fire and watch the snow falling from inside. Our dog Alfie has never seen snow, so it will be interesting to see this winter if we get some.

I hate the rain as it always feels so damp and cold in it. We suffered badly last year from lots of floods because we had too much rain. In some areas, they had more than one months rain overnight which caused a lot of damage to properties and farm land which was devastated last year. Rain is so damaging when it falls in excessive amounts. I know we need some for the plants and wildlife, but we have so much of it here.


Snow. The reason being would be I grew up in a terrible monsoon season country. I've also been trapped in the house when it was flooding so badly. I've also been trapped in the middle of the snowstorm where our car was dead and we were in the middle of all white until someone actually came to get us. I'd take snow all the way. Snowstorm as long as you stay in the house, you're fine. Bad rainfall ,even if you stay in the house ,the flood can get in. Our house was flooded couple times almost knee high and when that happened, you almost had to blow a lot of money to do some serious cleaning or repairing.

Because I've been trapped with flooding couple times, every time It rains, I cringe ESPECIALLY when I live in area were the house is the same level of the street. When we were hunting houses, that's one thing I told my husband. Check the flood area (there's always seem to be one area in the city that is more prone for little flooding) and I ain't buying a house where it's same level as the street.


I prefer snow, it is so pretty, and so much fun. I love for my children to play out in it as much as they can when we see snow, which is only in the mountains, it is beautiful up there, and we never get it down where we are.

Snow is what childhood memories are, we remember these days with such pleasure and nostalgia. I always remember sliding down sloping paths with the washing machine lid as a sled with all the children from my road, and working hard on the snow pressing it down to make the worlds longest slide, as we thought.

I remember my children seeing snow for the first time, and it makes me warm inside to look back, whereas with a rainy day, I never get such memories, as I do with snow.


I prefer rain to snow because I don't need to shovel rain and rain does not make it difficult to go for a walk. Snow looks nice. I usually like seeing the snow fall and I like seeing it on the ground but I don't like dealing with it afterwards and I get tired of it after a while. Another reason I prefer rain is because I prefer hot weather to cold weather. I don't like being cold and I don't like paying a lot of money to keep warm.

It is going to rain today but it will dry out. In the winter when it snows the snow can stick around for months. We get more and more of it. It can get over 5 feet high in places.


I prefer rain. Even though my arthritic bones do not like cold of any kind, our state of California is in a severe drought. We need rain and lots of it.

As a child, I loved snow. Every winter, I was saddened by the fact that Central Valley residents would not see snow like the people on the east coast. The Christmas card pictures made me even sadder. Now, that I am older, I do not want to see the snow, except in Christmas cards!

I pray for rain because we need lots of it. Please pray for rain in California. We need for everyone in the world to pray for rain in California! Thanks!


I don't really like any of them ut if I would have to choose, I would prefer rain because I hate cold weather. I can not tolerate snow, especially when I have to go to work and climb down the mountain every day and I slip on the ice. That is not very comforting experience. Snow itself is beautiful if you're inside, sitting by the fireplace drinking your warm cup of tea, but if you have to be outside, then no thank you. What I love about rain is that it washes everything away, the air is fresh after rain and the sun comes out again.


Most definitely rain. I'm from Michigan so I know what it's like to be disenchanted with snow after being trapped in the house all Winter or having to shovel my driveway in the middle of April. And here you mostly get to spend the first leg of Spring looking at snow covered in dirt on every lawn, drive on sludge filled streets, scrape it off when it turns to ice and blocks your sewer cover, and generally keep asking yourself by what unforgiving karmic punishment do I live in Michigan.


I live in south Florida where it is extremely hot half of the year. I like the rain, because it at least cools down the temperatures here. I used to live up north, and grew up around snow. I loved to look at it through the window, but I really didn't like to be out in it. So, I think I would definitely choose the rain over snow! Thanks for the question!


We don't get much snow in Texas... haha. But I really love the smell and sound of rain!