Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

8 Answers
Most people like a mixture of both. But some people choose to live in sub zero temperatures and others in sweltering heat....

I enjoy warm spring weather. When you are sitting by a window and feeling a lovely breeze over you, not too cold and not too hot. When you can walk around in just a little top and feel comfortable.

I love the sunshine and blue skies. Looking up to just see a little cloud floating past. I love the smells of spring. I also love not being so hot you are baking and not being too cold that you are turning blue.

Having said that I love storms, the power of nature is wonderfully great. I love the winter snow that glistens just like a huge blanket of little diamonds.


I prefer to live where there are four distinct seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter. It's really not as bad as people think it is. It's not easy answering if I prefer hot ot cold because there are some in between weather too.

During the four seasons one gets to experience hot, cold, cool and stormy weather. Right now it is summer and the days have been anywhere from 78-104 degrees. This sounds crazy and very unbearable to most people. However, summer months demand central air because the temperature can be severely hot at times. This is the hottest summer that I have experience in many years.

Where I live the weather is neither hot or cold all the time. The weather constantly changes from day to day or throughout the seasons.

In the winter many of us use gas, electric heat and wonderful fireplaces to heat our homes. Therefore, I love the cold weather too! The snow is beautiful and we gather around the fireplace and sip hot cider or hot chocolate. We make the most of whatever weather we have. There's nothing like eating hot, hearthy soups like chili during cold weather.

Fall weather is cool and the trees are a beautiful orange, yellow and red. One doesn't need central air or heat. Perhaps, a lightweight jacket will suffice most of the times. The flowers are beautiful!

I feel fortunate to live where I can experience many changes of weather other then just hot or cold. Every three months when the seasons change I look forward to it. The weather here is not mundane and full of surprises.


Well, seeing that I live in florida, I would most definitely prefer hot weather because I am used to- plain and simple. And, I just can't stand cold weather for some reason. There is just something about it that drives me crazy. But, warm weather also makes me feel comfortable for some reason. I feel like I am more at home. Also, my skin has been give a darker tone because of the sun, and I wouldn't want to go to area where the sun never shines because I would loose that tone. But, Overall, I just think that warm weather is more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. Just remember, no one wants to go to the beach if there is no so or no one want to go out on a boat or spend a day outside if the sun is not out!


I live in Washington state where I get to experience both cold and hot weather. I personally like the cold weather much better. I like the temperature when it snows. In the past we have made igloos and snowmen in our backyard. That is always fun, but an ideal temperature for me would be anywhere between 40-55 degrees.

In the cold weather, it is fun to dress up in layers of clothing. Also in the cold, it is easier to get warm than it would be to cool down in the heat.

I don't like the heat too much. I don't like being all sweaty and I find it very hard to fall asleep at night when it is hot out. I can easily fall asleep when it is cold because I can just snuggle up in my blankets.


The heat or cold doesn't bother me too much as long as I can dress appropriately and the temperature is never extreme in Ireland. If I am working outside however the cold can be a hindrance if I need to do delicate work with tools and can't wear gloves. What I can't bear though is the rain. It always seems to know when you are about to do something outside and spoils plans. Still though I suppose it makes the country green and we could be suffering drought like the unfortunate people of Africa.


I enjoy warm or temperate weather. We live in Southern California, near the coast, where the temperature rarely gets above 90 degrees and the high for the day is rarely below 60 degrees. I probably only need a jacket during the day two or three days a year.

In the evening, it does get chilly, but not cold like it gets in the Northern and New England states. After dark, the year around, you will want to have a jacket handy.

I believe that temperate weather is the ideal climate for me!


I live in the tropics, so I prefer the warmer weather. However, I also like chill weather because it's a nice break after 7 days of full sunshine, for example.

We don't have snow here, I don't think I'd love to wear layers of clothes in the winter. Warm weather is much easier, once it gets to hot, all you have to do is turn on the air conditioner.


I prefer hot temperatures. This is where I thrive. I strongly dislike the snow and the cold. To me, wearing 10 layers of clothes just to remove them when you get inside is a huge hassle. The heat is great because I don't have to worry about it. I can just get dressed and go take care of business.