Would you knowingly buy an item that contains the spirits of dead children?

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There are many items selling in Thailand that are well known spirit items. That means spirits are attached to the items. When you buy such items, you know that you are welcoming the spirits to your house. One such popular item is Gumanthong. Some people have paranormal experience after getting it. Even though they want to experience, they are still unprepared for it when the spirits become too active. Would you buy such things so as to experience paranormal activity?

The whole spirit of "children" threw me off a bit. Thats a bit sad really, and would make me feel wierd in buying something like that, although i can understand why people might.

If it was just said to have a spirit and wasn't known what kind, then i might buy something like that yes. I do believe in spirits and ghosts, and i am the type of person who would go into a well known haunted house just to experience and see it. Bringing one into my own home might be a different story though because i have children that i wouldn't want to subject them to anything like that.

I do not care how crazy i sound but i have seen three ghosts in my lifetime, in 3 different houses i have been living in. One my current home. Nothing bad, just them standing there, or walking, and the other stairing right at me. But to invite an unknown spirit into my house could be asking for trouble. You never know what they will be like, and whether they are angry or what they might do.

I would be very tempted, and if i lived on my own then i most likely would yes. But being a mother, i don't think i could do that to my family no.


Your comment that the premise is to raise money is the big tip-off for me. In that case, I would ignore the whole idea as somebody else's problem. No thanks. And as for there actually being spirits "attached" in some nebulous way to a physical object, this idea seems far fetched at best.

I don't like to discount possibilities, but spirits being "attached to things" is what they escaped when they left their physical bodies in the first place.

It seems to me that what is very clearly attached to these items is a scheme to raise money, not necessarily anything spiritual.

The premise that it represents or carries the spirits of dead children seems to be a weak and foolish attempt to garner sympathy ("the poor kids!") and indicates to me that this is a scam more than anything else. They can keep it.

Or better yet, let them be investigated. How's that for throwing the Karma switch in the other direction?


My initial response is that the idea of a physical object containing the spirit of a child is a way to trap unsuspecting tourists and rise the prices of these items to silly prices! I'm the kind of person who senses and sees ghosts on a regular basis and I've accepted that at part of my life but what I don't accept is that a spirit can be contained in that way. I'm sure that some such items exist and the reason that the child's spirit is attached to them is anyone's guess but I can't see there being so many of these items as to create a trade in them.

Before even thinking of buying such an item (which I wouldn't do anyway) I would want to know more about them. What process is used to attach these spirits to the object? What proof do you have prior to purchase that your object is haunted?

It all seems like a money making scam to me but I wouldn't take the risk of having one in my house.


To add to the other great comments, if in fact the item you describe is genuine, than you may be in for more than you bargained for. It sounds like you already anwsered your own question and are hesitant in buying this item...for good reason. One other point to make here is that just because someone says a certain 'child spirit or spirits' are connected to this object does not in fact mean this is the case. There are many negative entities which can inhabit such items (because they were given the opportunity to do so by it's maker). You may find that such items are 'gateways' for spirits which might like to 'have some fun with you'. These are also ways for opening up your own self to being 'attached' to the very 'spirits' that come with it...and you may want to ask yourself/family if this is in your best interest!



Hmm, tough call on that because I do not particularly believe in spirits but at the same time I do not "not" believe in them either.

I guess it would depend on what the object was and how bad I wanted it in the first place. Also you can be fairly certain that some of these objects would be sold fraudulently, containing no such spirit, but people would attach anything that happened in their home to the spirit world nonetheless.

Makes me wonder how many children are dying over there that they would have so many objects, and why the parents of the children would not want the objects containing the spirits of their dead children.

Learning about other cultures is interesting for certain.


I absolutely would not purchase any item claiming to contain the spirit of dead children. Firstly, I would assume that they were being sold as a way of scamming people out of money. Secondly, and more importantly, when you invite a spirit into your home you never know what you are getting yourself into. While I believe that there are very positive and helpful spirits, I also know that there are many malevolent entities that may do great harm and can be very difficult to get rid of once they are given the initial consent to enter your life.


Hi all, I do not know how to explain the concept of Gumanthong clearly.
These items are made by Buddhist monks to raise fund for temple repairs.
The idea is to bond those spirits of children to the items, so that they will follow the buyers home. The spirits have to do good to help their owners, in order to accumulate good karma.
As to the process of how and why, I do not really know.


In western cultures there are items purported to either contain or attract spirits but your Gumanthong sounds different from these things. To even begin to make an educated response one would have to become more familiar with how children, spirits, and items one can buy work together. Your question is so culturally-specific you may have to ask someone well trained in your culture.


Could you explain more thoroughly? Why are the spirits of children attached to these items? Do the children die in producing or making these items? Are these aborted or unwanted children? I have to admit I'm not familar with this concept.


That sure doesn't sound like any kind of Buddhism that I've ever heard of.

It's very, very strange.