Will aliens deal with global warming on Earth and fix it?

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Or will they intervene and destroy humans and the rest of the animals on Earth?

If aliens were to come and destroy all species on earth they would have much less to gain they would by helping us with global warming issues. Assuming that aliens are a rational species and take purposeful actions, the only valid reason they would have for destroying all species on earth would be to claim earth for our natural resourses. As our natural resourses lessen by the day, then why wouldn't they have done this long ago?

For aliens to come to earth they must be much more advanced than we are as we don't even know where they are based, so it wouldn't make much sense for them to destroy all species on earth just for the sake of having another base. As they would be more intellectually and technologically advanced than us to come here, then surely they would have an interest in the unknown to them,-us. As we have an interest in the unknown, -them.

So if aliens are to come to earth, making their presence known, i think that it would be to help us with our issues. If they are anything like us, they will be wanting something in return, maybe to breed with us or to enslave us.

But perhaps they aren't anything like us and they have a deep understanding of the universe, and simply want to help us out of the kindness of their hearts, or to maintain some kind of universal balance?

Whatever their reason for coming to earth, i think that it would be for both our benefit and theirs.


We don't know beans about aliens. If we did, it would be publicized. All the reports are that they would have to be, logically, more advanced than us. But your question remains whether that advancement is in terms of peaceful understanding, or just in terms of weaponry.

We can strike a compromise and say, for the sake of argument, that the aliens would have achieved both types of advancement. That would mean they'd have the option to blow us off the cosmic map or be nice and fix that warming problem we've got.

If we ticked them off, such as by firing a nuclear warhead into their space ship, they'd probably turn around and let us have it with one of their big guns.

But assuming we just cowered in awe while they stepped out and introduced themselves graciously, then the situation could warm up a little socially. At that point, we'd ask them what they knew about global warming. There would be no harm in discussing the matter.

Therefore, depending on our tactfulness in first meeting the aliens, we could stand to benefit greatly from insights they could give us into global warming difficulties.

But there's a chance that aliens would not be in our own size category. That is, they might be much larger, the size of trees or mountains. Or they could be so small that we couldn't see them except under a microscope, space ship and all.

In such circumstances, chances for an intelligent conversation between them and us would be slim. They would perceive us as vermin or so different from themselves that they would fear us and try to obliterate us, regardless of global warming topics.


You have offered an either/or proposition--only two choices. I see many more possibilities than that.

For one thing, there is no reason to assume that aliens would be interested in us enough to even try to alter the planet's heat cycle, or "correct" that cycle assuming we have messed it up. What would be their stake in it, anyway? If they have a stake in it, this would be an indication that they have a stake in our species. And if that's the case, then the reason they might have such a stake is possibly because they "engineered" our species. That is one of the prevailing theories out there on the relationship of aliens--at least some of them--to planet Earth and our species.

But if they didn't originate or modify our species, I can see little reason for them to get involved with our progress or lack of it. If we destroy our planet, so what? Why would it be an issue for them?

Personally, I don't see aliens coming to our rescue. What I see as a slightly greater possibility is them coming to correct our insolent aggression, as in the plots of several movies from the past. But even that is a rather remote possibility. I can't see an advanced race spending a lot of time or brain power on our problems.

Destroying us wouldn't take much of an effort on their part, either. Why bother? Unless we are posing some sort of threat, as in the scenarios mentioned in movie plots a moment ago.

I think your question assumes that we have a far greater importance than we acutally do.


Who designed and engineered Earth and its ecosystem has a plan in mind. The question remains whats our purpose in this existence? If we failed in satisfying our purpose and the experiment is all over, then maybe they will destroy us just like the dinosaurs. Or maybe they will give us other chances, not because they like us but for their experiments sake. I believe there is something weird occurring now and it will even become weirder in the future. As if something is trying to give us signals or signs for us to decipher it yet only some elitists are working on it!


Aliens benevolent to this world would be concerned; might even intervene in very clandestine ways. Malevolent aliens? Why should they do anything against us? We're doing a great job at both destroying the planet and ourselves! They'd just sit back and watch the fun as we obliterate ourselves!


I don't see Aliens coming a fixing Global warming, and I'm sure they would only get rid of humans here if they wanted Planet Earth. I don't see that happening either, earth is in pretty bad shape.


Of course not. Some think they are trying to warn us about it, but that's debatable.