Why the US don't reveal the existence of Aliens interacting with humans?

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If we people of this new generation or society today are aware and ready to accept that fact, why still the US deny its existence? Aren't we not enough intelligent in 2011 compare to the centuries back?

If the US government knows about the existence of aliens, then why don?t they just come out in the open and tell everyone what they know? A good question and I believe that there are probably several reasons why the US government (or any government) would want to keep the discovery of ET a secret.

One of the reasons is that if the aliens found happen to be far superior to us, how we humans would deal with it. Imagine knowing that there are aliens out there who have a slight temper and could wipe us out without a moment?s notice. Kind of takes the security out of the idea of the world not ending.

Furthermore, I believe that a large reason why the government aren?t telling us is partly to do with the church. In the Christian faith, it is generally believed that God who is the most Supreme Being made man in his image. Yet imagine if aliens who were more superior to us looked nothing like us. This kind of throws the concept of God looking like us in the water and would lead to the breakup of the church.

Finally, if the US government has made contact with aliens, can you imagine what an upper hand this would give to that government compared to most other governments in the world! Suppose as the rumours say, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947 and the government has got hold of it. Imagine the technological advances the US could make with such a craft in their disposal.

Hope this answers your question.


There are a few reasons for why they may keep the information about extraterrestrial existance away from us.

For one, they may believe that it would cause wide spread panic and disaster. Maybe people would go hunting for them and if they do find them, they would harm or disturb them and cause and issue.

Another reason could be that all of our technological advancements may really be only information that they gave to us. The leaders may want us to believe that humans are smart enough to produce technology on our own.

There are probably many reasons for why we are told not to believe and ridiculed for it. I believe that the Ancient Aliens theory is possible. In fact, it is the only theory of the origin or humans that I can make any sense out of.

There have been talks of Obama wanting to disclose information, yet he hasn't done it yet. Maybe he is holding off until the next election is over so that people don't think he is a complete nut.


You're basing your entire premise on the fact that life from another planet has landed on earth and that the government has hidden them from view and that is more than likely impossible. If what you say is true that the government has evidence of aliens being here, then hundreds if not thousands would be involved in handling the evidence, from the highest ranking person down to the janitor. Keeping that many people sworn to secrecy is impossible. Simply take a look at the Bin Laden fiasco of last week. New sources got the word before most of our leadership did, even though the mission was classified. All it takes is one person and the news is leaked.
Before you claim the US is withholding information, prove that life exists on other planets and that we have an alien here and please don't bring up area 51. The US is one of a few hundred countries an alien could have landed in and no one else is laying claim to having an ET among their population.


It is the not that I have facts or so! I'm not that dumb to analyse and perceive things that surround us. If you go back centuries back, you will surely realise that there is a missing link in MAN's history - The sudden evolution of man to civilisation, building wonders like pyramids, cities like Atlantis with advanced technology and precision... and so!

So, there must be something that had been there at that time and which has been interpreted in a different sense and which keep on changing with time.

For me, there are life beyond solar system and much more.


I think the US does not reveal the existence of aliens interacting with humans because of the fact that they don't have enough evidence to show that they do exist. They could not just go on making conclusions like this because for sure, they could not pinpoint someone and call them aliens as proof. It would just destroy the reputation of the country which would not be of help especially at present when it is still facing problems on improving the country after the recession.


Why would anyone believe that the US has any firm evidence? Why not one of the other governments? Possibly because at the time of the "sudden evolution in civilization" Man didn't have a terribly good written language? I don't think "proof" exists, so I can't accuse the government of failing to release it!


"...ready to accept that FACT"--? Oh, so you have proof. And that is--?