What was the absolute worst paranormal experince you have ever had?

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Please no haters, I want to hear about experiences not from those who do not believe the paranormal is real.

In my early twenties I lived alone in a duplex that was built around the 1950s. I use to randomly get spooked in this house and felt like something was in the room with me but just dismissed it as silliness and having a wily imagination. At the time I didn't believe in ghosts.

One evening I had a lit a scented candle in one of those heavy glass jars on top of my dresser ( those big candles you find in Walgreen's). Since I had cats I closed the door when I briefly left the room so they wouldn't be around it unsupervised. A couple minutes later I smelled a fire and it was going up my bedroom wall. This massive heavy candle some how tipped on it's side right next to the wall. This was a solid house, the door remained closed, no windows were open. Thank goodness I was a quick thinker back then and grabbed my coffee carafe, dunked it in the toilet and quickly splashed it on the fire. Yeah, gross I know but I needed water fast. It never once entered my mind that something strange happened. I was more freaked about my landlord to think too much into it.

At some point when I lived there I was outside in my yard and snapping pictures of my tamed parakeet that was perched on gigantic "elephant ear" plants in my yard. I use to paint more then, and wanted to take pictures of his markings for reference. The house was in the background. I took it on an old disposable black and white camera. It was the last year Kodak made disposable film cameras. Soon after I took it to the one hour developing center at Walgreen's and picked it up about one hour later. Then I stashed it away because I never got around to painting.

5 years after I moved out of that house I was sorting through my photos. I was about to toss it in my "boring" stack when a face caught my eye. I looked closely and I realized I saw not one, but four faces peering back at me through the windows. Back then I was just a busy girl who was too busy to keep the place clean enough to have company, it was embarrassing, and nobody was ever in my house. I scanned the photo into my computer, and maxed out the pixels so I could zoom in for a good look. These faces were watching me in the yard that day. There was a guy resting his chin on his hand, a skinny lady in a hat pointing at something outside, a tall man looking out the kitchen window, and a short figure that was the size of a kid. The faces had incredible detail, except for the shorter one, who looked like a burn victim. His entire face was burned.

If it wasn't for that photo, I wouldn't believe at all. Ghosts don't make sense, but there they were.


Wow Atharw64 that's quite the experience.

I haven't had anything that intense happen, but I always had a strong belief in the paranormal. I had a secret fear if being possessed by the devil, especially after seeing the "Exorcist" with Linda Blair.
This fear followed me throughout my life. Ironically, I had an experience where a dark spirit tried to take control of me.

I had just relocated to Vancouver and was staying at a shelter for women. The shelter was in a house in Surrey, and was said to be haunted. There was one room downstairs in the basement that none of the staff or residents felt comfortable entering. When I first got there, I was given a room to myself on the ground floor of the house. I was in that room for two weeks, when I was asked by the staff to give it up for another woman who was handicapped and couldn't get up or down the stairs. They moved me to the bedroom in the basement that no one else wanted. I thought nothing of it, until one night I was laying on my bed and felt a dark presence creep up behind me. It grabbed ne from behind and was trying to pull itself into me. I struggled with it, fought with it, and tried biting it, hoping it would let go. I remembered my faith in God and started affirming that "I am in the presence of Jesus Christ! He will not let you do this to me!"

I said this three times and it finally stopped struggling with me, let go and laid dormant. I sat up on my bed, looked around my room. My blanket was shaped like a wrinkled human profile, my bedsheet was in my mouth and my body was scortching hot!

I ran from the room, up the stairs and out the door. I came back a few hours later, packed my bags and left. I never want to experience anything like that again.


The absolute worse paranormal experience I have ever had was during the last weeks of my seventh grade class. Someone had brought an Ouija board to school and planned to use it whenever we had some free time. I was familiar with them and so were a few other class mates of mine. During those years of life we were all curious about supernatural things or if they even truly existed, so we wanted to test the Ouija board. We were lucky enough that a teacher had an emergency and we ended up with an entire free class period.
We all gathered up in our home room classroom and began to use the Ouija board. Many were scared, some were skeptical that it would work at all. After many fail attempts to get it to work, the scariest moments of our lives began to unfold. A strong wind blew in opening some of the windows. After that the temperature in the room began to decrease and this was in the middle of June, so the temperature normally is very hot and not winter cold. After that the fans began to spin wildly without anyone having turned them one. By that time most of us were incredibly scared. But the worse happened when one of the fans broke lose from the sealing and spun out of control towards us. Tables went tumbling and chairs crashing, a few of us got cuts and scrapes from the increasing panic of trying to over-run the killer fan. It eventually crushed over a window and collapsed outside. Just like that all returned to normal the temperature began to increase again and there were no more odd things happening around us. All except we found a message left on the Ouija board, it read: fools. That was the scariest paranormal experience of my life and I have never gone near an Ouija board again.


I would gladly take the worst paranormal experience, rather than no experience at all. I've never had a paranormal experience. I would take any. You guys are all lucky to have had one. I have to admit, The Exorcist scared the crap out of me when I first saw it.

I do believe in all kinds of paranormal phenomenon. I wish everyone would take it seriously. I see where the skeptical approach comes from though. If I can't see it and feel it, then it must not be real. I hope I can have some kind of experience before I die.

I'd hate to go into death with uncertainty. I'm pretty sure that I'll be good, but a little more proof can't hurt. Hopefully my paranormal experience will not be with the devil though. That would not be good. Thank you for the question.


We lived in an old farm house built in the 1850s. One night I fell asleep on the couch with the radio going. I saw a dark shadow come across my face. I just thought it was my husband bending down to kiss me on the cheek or tell me to come to bed. I opened my eyes and saw just a black shadow. It moved down to my feet and stared at my cat...who stared back at it. It was hunched over with a pointed chin, like a 12 inch pointed chin. Then it started to growl. It faded away, but the growling continued for a couple of minutes. The whole time I couldn't hear the radio. Once the growling stopped, I could hear the music again. That was a heart pounder.


I never had anything happen as cinematic as described by the other person, but I used to have frequent experiences in the middle of the night in the house I grew up in. You could easily argue that it was my imagination, and you may very well be right, but it was real enough to me to keep me awake for hours. I would often be pinched or blown on, and would hear people talking faintly. My electronics would turn on by themselves or I would see things move. This didn't only happen at night, but during the day it didn't really scare me.


So far experience nothing bad personally.
i have known of some people who do not repay their wishes to certain deities, and experience bad things.
For many of us in Asia, we travel to Bangkok to pray to Brahma. Some people ask for lottery luck, and they manage to win big.
After that, they forget all about returning to give thanks to Brahma. They will have a series of bad luck, including terminal illness that depletes all their winnings.