What is the difference between ghost and spirits?

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hello answerers i have a question: what is the difference between ghost and spirits?, please. thanks in advance

A ghost is the Astral-body of a human who wasn't willing to let go of the goals they had that lifetime and go to the between-lives processing area. The Astral-body will stay around until the being has discharged enough on their failed goals, to let go and move on.

A spirit consists of 3 Theta-bodies of different sizes. This is a separate system from Astral-body or Soul-levels (although if a Human has a spirit connected to the body, it will have 4 Soul-levels, if not, then 3).

Of course, most people use most words without even attempting to find a definition even in terms of other words, let alone a real definition in terms of experience, so use words incorrectly, and meaninglessly.

If one does enough advanced self-development work, one can see such things for oneself, but very few are willing to put the work in, even though it's now much easier due to the availability of correct data and technology for self-development, all free on the internet :)



To answer the question i must define ghost and spirit.
ghost is an evil creature without body. Since he has no body you can not detect in any way. Unless you are a highly sensitive spiritual being because then you can see ghosts. They looks like a white ghosty thing, with red evil eyes, and with scary voice. They are constantly harass the humans by moving objects, and making strange noise, or even possessing humans.
The spirit is almost the same thing than ghost but it is integrated within a host, most of the time a human. They are feeded by the human body, and they are sucking up the human spiritual energy. When the host dies the spirit must find a new one to survive because ghosts can consume spirit's energy.


A spirit can be a deceased human, or any other type of entity that exists in the spiritual realm. A ghost is an earthbound spirit--I've only heard as human spirits referred to as "ghosts", I've never heard of animals being ghosts, although I've heard that deceased pets occasionally visit in spirit form. A spirit may become earthbound because they don't realize they have died, have too much "heavy" emotional baggage from their life, or are afraid to go to the light because they don't feel worthy or they're afraid they may be punished.


Supposedly the difference between the two is that ghosts are individuals who've passed on from the physical world...but.. they are trapped between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Perhaps an individual's death was so sudden that they cannot comprehend their own demise; they may be unwilling to leave love-ones.

A spirit is someone who's passed onto the metaphysical world. They're content and have accepted their situation. In this state they can now come and go between the physical and metaphysical worlds at will.


A ghost is the manifestation of a deceased person, wheras the spirit is a soul without physical form. A ghost can be a spirit and a spirit can be a ghost, although a spirit might not be a ghost.


Ghost usually refers to people who had died, and lived in another realm.
Spirits can mean anything invisible, from God to angels to demons.


The invisible and non existent look very much the same.