What happened to me?

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Around 2:45 or 3am I woke up and could not open my eyes all the way. I could only open them to a squint and could not move at all. Could not speak or breathe. My ex girlfriend woke up and saw someone standing at the top of the stairs. Could a spirit have passed through my body?

Years ago, i was dating a woman, who was normal in every way, university graduate, MSC mathematics, i lived with her for four years, we got engaged. early in our relationship, we were sleeping in the same bed, and she started making noises, i woke up, and i leaned over her, to see she was okay, she just started screaming, and pushing me off, and she got into a panic, i just grabbed her, and hugged her, and told her everything was ok, but i was kind of freaked about it, as i had only known her about six months then.

She told me later, that when she woke up, and saw me looking at her, i just looked like a demon, and that my face was contorted and horrible, and she was awake when she was screaming, and fighting me off. It never ever happend again in all the time we were together,

What she said to me, after the incident, allways kind of stayed with me, I know it was nothing with me, she was kind of thrashing about in the bed, and making noises, wich woke me, then the screams, and even though she was awake, it took her a while to figure out where she was, and who she was with.

She works in a really responsible job now, is married, and has a completely normal life.


In all likelihood your ex girlfriend saw your own spirit out for a stroll as you lay sleeping. This is what Native Americans called a dream walk. The reason you could not move or open your eyes was due to what is known as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is caused by a chemical that courses through your body during sleep that ensures you will not get up and walk around while in a compromised state (sleeping).

It appears that you actually began waking up before your spirit made it's way back to you. It's a very uncomfortable feeling and for some it's almost overwhelming. Knowing that should help ease your anxiety if it happens again. In that case, relax and just allow yourself to go back to sleep.

Your ex is a very lucky lady as not many people get to see this particular phenomena.


Since this was a subjective experience and you wonder if a spirit "passed through your body" it's possible that's what happened.

However, not necessarily the spirit that your ex-girlfriend saw at the top of the stairs. There could very well have been two - and the one at the top of the stairs was "waiting" for the other to pass and join.

The paranormal is so undefined in many ways; and I do believe in instinct and feelings. So, I would go with your own instinct - because this only seems to have happened one time - it does make itself a paranormal event that may not have been related to you as much as the house you were in.


I don't know about what your girlfriend saw. But I do have some experience with the waking up and not being able to move or say anything. It usually only happens to me when I go to bed really stressed out about something. The only thing I know to do is to try to relax and stay calm. Eventually I will wake up. It has to do with a chemical imbalance in your brain. As a result I have tried to not get too upset before I go to sleep.


I do not know what your ex-girlfriend saw, but it sounds like you experienced sleep paralysis. I don't think they know why it happens, but it is your brain awakening before your body. My friend had this happen to her and it freaked her out. Her doctor called it sleep paralysis.


You were probably experiencing Sleep Paralysis which is when you wake up during REM sleep. There is no scientific basis for the existence of ghosts, so a more reasonable explanation is that your girlfriend just saw a shadow and mistook it for something else.


Yes that was a demon who was attacking you, you see this in all the ghost shows you should get help from a paranormal team or pray in the name of Jesus for this thing to leave.