Paranormal activity near you?

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Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity in your home town? If so please give details.

The most paranormal activity I've ever encountered was when my neighbor and friend wanted to go ghost hunting. The most popular legend around my parts is the legend of old Red Eye. No one really knows what happened with red eye. Some say he killed his wife and her lover when he came home and found them in his bed together. Some say he was a mean drunk that passed out on one of the numerous railroad tracks in the area. Even others say he's a demon sent from hell to torment the wicked. The one thing that's common in these stories is that there's something out there, some guy, with bright red glowing eyes, like a low powered flash light, that's known to stalk cars and pedestrians that are out past midnight.

No one ever 'suggests' going after Red Eye but if someone got it in their mind to the best course of action is to go down to the old train tracks, there's plenty of old roads with high trees on each side. You go down an old road, you roll down your car windows, turn the car off and place the keys atop the hood of your car. You wait 15-20 minutes without making a sound or talking and looking forward in the car and he's supposed to appear.

My friend and I went down to red eye's stomping grounds about 5 years ago right after high school for some cheap kicks. We drove down there but were too scared to turn the car off so we just turned the lights off and rolled the windows down a crack. We were there probably about 5 minutes giggling about how stupid the whole thing was when my friend suddenly went quiet. He gasped. I knew my friend was just joking around with me, he has a habit of doing that. I rolled my eyes at him and asked him what was up. He told me ?Dude, Jesus, look to our left.? He sounded really scared. I looked over to my left and didn?t see anything. I told my friend ?nice try?, but he kept trying to convince me he was being serious about the whole thing.

I continued being skeptical for about another 5 minutes while my friend was begging to leave. We were talking about this supposed Red Eye and he was pointing out to me exactly where he had saw him. It was about a quarter mile down on the train tracks. I looked again and still didn?t see anything.

It was about another 5 minutes and I was getting ready to go, bored and cold. I had just about made up my mind when my friend he gasped again. I was getting pretty tired of this and was about to tell my friend to knock it off when out of the corner of my eye I saw them.
Two big red bright orbs about a half mile down the train track on our left side. They blinked. Then they started bobbing towards us, like they were walking, and then it let out this big high-pitched gravelly scream.

I wish I could tell you something crazy happened like finding scratch marks on my car or getting slashed in the face, but I can?t. This is a true story and to be honest as soon as I heard that scream I put the pedal to the metal and got out of there as quick as I could. Haven?t been down since.


I am not sure if my experiences and these facts are connected, but my childhood home (that my parents built very shortly before I was born), is in a forest that has several Indian mounds. My dad also told me as a child that there was a place called the "Lost City" that used to exist in the same area we live. I have no idea if he was making that up because I was a child, or if that's actually true. Nevertheless, it's very interesting, and either that or the Indian mounds may be connected to some strange experiences I've had while home.

I'm only going to share the two experiences that I really can't explain. They both happened when I was in my bedroom upstairs. The first was when my ex partner and I were hanging out, and my parents had gone somewhere for while. My ex thought she heard a door being opened and closed. I then heard light switches being turned on, so we both assumed my parents were home. When we approached the stairs to go greet them, we realized they were not actually home. We also soon discovered that the back porch door was unlocked. I have no idea if it had been unlocked the whole night or not, unfortunately. Regardless, this spooked both of us so we actually had my neighbor come over and help us search the house for any intruders. We found none.

The other time, as I said, I was also in my bedroom, but this time alone. It was early evening, around the time my parents would be getting home from work. I heard what sounded like my dads footsteps in the kitchen, something being set on the counter top, and my cat began meowing and scurrying around, which is generally is a very good sign of my dad as my dad likes to mess with the cat. Usually my parents would come upstairs to say hi, but this wasn't happening, so I got a little confused. I decided to text both of my parents to see which one of them it might be. Both of my parents replied that they were not yet home. I was officially frozen in fear as this meant that there was potentially an intruder in the house and I was all alone, basically defenseless. Of course, as with the previous occasion, my parents both came home and found no intruder, so I still have no explanation as to what made the noises I heard either of those times.


I have been through some paranormal activities a few times in my life. When I told people around me about them they tried to rationalize everything, but I know what I have seen.

When I was little, about 7 or 8 years old, my uncle died. He was a very special man which died of an enlarged heart. Doctors said that he had a big heart literally and figuratively. After he died, I went to the cemetery with my parents and I saw him on the bus that was taking us there. I looked him in the eyes and he had the gentle look that he always had. I could not believe that he was actually there. I turned to my mother to show her that he was there, and when I looked back he was gone.

To this day I know that he was there, and that the whole experience was real. I am happy that I got to see him one more time and that I can remember him like I last saw him on that bus.

The other experience I had wasn't as pleasant as this one, but actually really spooky.

I was around 20 years old, talking with my mother in her kitchen. It was night, the kitchen door was wide open and I saw a girl with dark hair, dressed in a long white dress passing by the door. I stopped and told my mother what I saw (she was facing backwards to the door) and we both went all through the house to look for that girl, to see if I can see her again, but we haven't.

I never had any similar experience in my mothers house, never seen that girl again, but I have to say that that experience spooked me and I hoped I will never go through it again. Especially not if I was about to be alone in the house at some point. This was an experience that seemed taken from a bad horror movie :)

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Yes, a lot actually. Let me tell you about my scariest experience first though:

I was about 12 and had returned from school. I took my coat off to hang it on the reflective coat hanger, but as I placed it there I realised I had seen something. Taking it off again to observe, I saw a young pale girl with dark green rags for a dress and black oily hair reflected. She was the color of paper, and her hair smoothed in front of her face. She held her clasped hands in front of her body. It was honestly the scariest thing I've ever seen. I quickly covered the coat hanger because I got the feeling she would do something if I didn't and I ran into my room.

Ever since then I've had horrible luck. After that event a series of events followed, like doors slamming, something pulling my hands, etc. The scariest thing after that was when someone phoned up and when I didn't answer the phone said "Please leave a message after the tone," quite normally, but towards the end warped into a deep demonic voice. Horrific.

Then at an older age I would walk through a forest to get home with a bunch of friends, and they knew a lot of people who had gone missing or been severely injured in there. You'd see various things like ripped off hair and blood on the branches. Don't know why we continued walking through there day after day!

When I was younger we'd gather around a bench at night and tell ghost stories that were apparently real. A lot of things from poltergeists to killer clowns and serial murderers were discussed. Good times!

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I have had paranormal experiences pretty much my entire life, the earliest one I can remember was about age 4. I have vivid memories of this experience, it involved a young boy about my on age and the attic of the home we lived in at the time. To this day I can remember going up the attic steps holding this little boy's hand and then we would sit in front of the only window in the attic and play jacks.

The boy never told me his name but I can remember he wore denim overalls, very faded and worn along with a red or blue shirt, not as sure of the shirt as it seems it changed, but that could just be wishful thinking on my part. This boy and I would play silly games and giggle and run back and forth in the attic, for me it was just "normal."

When we moved from that home I remember seeing him standing in the attic window and I cried and cried telling my mom we had to go get my friend because he couldn't get out. She, of course, had no clue what I was talking about and later when I was older I told her all about the attic and my little friend who loved to play jacks. She then told me that I had never been in the attic, ever. She showed me some old photos of the old house and to get to the attic you had to go thru my parents bedroom, and in front of the attic door was a dresser, even as an adult I know by looking at the photo that I could not have moved it as a 4 year old, as I have a hard time moving it now as an adult as my Mother still has that dresser.

Thanks for the question, its always lovely to have a reason to share a great memory.


Does my house count as my hometown? I have never experienced any paranormal activity outside my own house. The mountain range near my house is haunted. I haven't been there at night, so I haven't been able to see any ghosts.

I know paranormal activity is mostly at night. In my house though, I have experienced some paranormal stuff. I went to sleep one night and felt something sit on my bed with me. Does that count? Also, I heard a person scream once.

I've been to a few haunted houses as well. I went to a hotel in Colorado that was supposedly haunted. I also went to a place in Phoenix that was haunted. I didn't see anything there though.

I think it would be cool to experience some stuff in my actual town, but there aren't any real places that are quiet and have a history. Those are the two things you need in order to see a ghost, or experience something paranormal.