My son was shot and killed when he was 18 in a trailer

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Next to where my parents live. my question is being the place where he lost his life, would his spirit stay there or do they go on. Do parnormals speak to spirits to find out certain questions, like what happened that afternoon and is he ok. etc. I know this may sound silly, but I believe in stories i hear of special people able to communicate with the passings spirit, whether to help solve a crime or whatever the reason may be. I'd like to know would my son still be there spiritually and what really happened to him.

There are people who can sense and communicate with spirits but beware of cons. A con will tell you most anything you want to hear and charge you as much as they feel you will part with. Most of the information they give will come directly from you. They are very observant will feed whatever information they can get out of you back to you in a more palatable way so as to make you think they are all knowing, so please beware when inviting psychics into your life.

Having said that I'll move on to your other concerns. It is possible that your son's spirit would hang around the place he lost his life but it is doubtful. Most spirits move on readily enough even eagerly. They may sometimes come back and you may feel their presence from time to time. Your son is no doubt on the other side and anything that happened in this life is behind him now, done and over with. You may never know what happened that day and as hard as that is to accept it is really all that you can do. I do hope you will get your answers and one day soon if you haven't by now.

Pay close attention to your surroundings, if there is any reason your son would want to contact you he will try but you will need to be receptive. Some ways that spirits try to make the living aware of them is by inducing certain scents or sounds. Another is that they will try to manipulate something that carried meaning for them in life. For example, if your son had a special fondness for say strawberries you may find a random patch of strawberries growing in your yard when you have never ever planted strawberries. They may do something they did in life. Like my grandmother she loves to pluck the back of my shirt. When she does this it is a definite pluck, it's just her way of saying 'I see you'.

I see you posted this question quite some time ago. I sincerely hope you have found your answers by now. May you know peace.



I'm really sorry about your loss. It cannot be easy for any parent who lost a part of his heart. I have witnessed many incidents where the spirit don't always come back to where they died, but it is possible that they don't move on for a long time. Normally when a body died, the spirit either move on and cross over especially when they don't have anything that is holding them back, but with sudden deaths its a little bit more complicated. A friend of mine died of cancer when she was still in her middle ages. She died in the hospital but from time to time she come to my house. Your son might eventually cross over but the chances are big that he might go back to where he was killed. For as long as he don't move on he might remain on earth or be around you when you least expect it. But he will only cross over when he are at peace. Try to be strong and remember this was something that you did not have any control over. He will surely always be with you. Try not change what you can't. Sometimes we can only do so much. Hope it helped.


I am very sorry for your loss. We always hope that our loved ones pass into the light and are happy and safe, if you feel that your son has not left yet and moved on you may want to tell him that it is ok for him to go.

I don't think he would stay near the place where he was killed unless it was his home or where you and the rest of his family would be. I had seen an episode of one of the many ghost shows that had a family on it where their daughter had been killed in a car accident but she was back in their home and not at the location where the accident happened.

If you feel that you would like to talk to someone who has the gift of speaking to those that have passed I would do some research on your area and find out if anyone you know has ever seen a psychic and what their opinion is. You must be careful of people who would use you in your grief, do some research and try to find a reputable psychic or see if you can get a recommendation from someone you trust.

I hope this helps!


I don't think he would stay there unless he lived there many years and is really attached to the place.most ghost loved ones who pass away will usually go on the other side and visit you when needed and will give you signs.sometimes people are to concentrated on there daily life that they don't notice they have been given signs from deceased loved ones.i have had many paranormal encounters and i am sure your son will move on and go to the other side with others he knew in your family who have passed away.usually it is the spirits who were not satisfied with there life that stay in the same place to haunt it or just can't let it go:)


It's hard to say whether your son's spirit stayed in the place he was killed. Some people do move on to the other side, but they have come to their loved ones in dreams and other ways, to let them know they are there. I think it's more restless spirits that don't move on, it's like they need to stay because of something that hasn't been done, or they feel they need to say good-bye. I believe in paranormal 's there are a lot of spirits that live among us.


Was your son thin with light skin and dark hair ? Did his name start with a B? Did he have a girlfriend or female associate that was a blonde? Was the trailor white with a dark stripe ? Did the accident occur near a street with a M name? I'm not sure if this has anything to do with your situation but if it does please let me know.


You can get a medium but it is better if you pray to God to tell you what happened to your son and who killed him and God will let you know. you can contact paranormal state they use mediums who sense everything that happened, you can call paranormal state the a&e; show that helps people.


He is most likely not there, but he could be earth-bound if he hasn't realized he is dead and is afraid to go the light. I learned this from reading some of Echo Bodine's books.