Life after death?

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Do you believe in life after, like a ghost? is it possible that if someone dies and then goes to life after death? I have heard few stories about the person that had died and their guardians were trying to fire the dead body but soon dead bodies became alive. When others asked about the story behind this, then hi told that he was in the place where black peoples were pulling him to a un- familier place for unknown reason. Do you have any idea about such lifw

I know that life continues, maybe not as we know it, but our souls move on, eventually finding another body to enter. I almost died when I was six, I was in a coma. I watched the whole thing from above, like a different dimension. The doctor told my mother to make arrangements, I wouldn't survive. Meanwhile, I could see what was happening, and was approached by what seemed to be a woman. She told me I had to go back, it wasn't my time. I didn't want to, it was warm and light, and I just wanted to stay. She finally convinced me, and I went back to my physical body, and came out of a coma. I will never ever forget that! I'm glad it happened so young, because I'm not afraid of death, it's the beginning of another journey.
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If someone started to get burned and suddenly woke up alive, it means the doctor made a mistake in pronouncing that person dead. He probably was still alive.

It would not be possible according to any real proof, to have someone come back to life. Now of course the Christian faith explains this miracle can happen and that any miracle can happen when someone really believes in God and asks God for help. Things that seem like miracles do happen every day to people who have faith in God.

But there's never been anything in the news about a believer bringing someone back to death. The Gospels are wonderful stories and words that inspire all people to have faith. Even those who are very religious, such as the pope, might feel that the Gospels are symbolic stories of the power of faith in God.

People can't believe in the possibility of someone coming back to life, but people can believe in the possibility of their own continued existence in the form of an intangible energy or thought or something people can't quite imagine yet.

Also, it's not right to negate the Gospel. For all people know, these things really did happen through faith.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, and on the optimistic side, it's best to believe there's life after death and that just about anything is possible, including someone being dead and then coming back to life again just before being burned.

It does not harm to believe the truth of these things. It can do a lot of good to believe in these things. Therefore, it's wise to go on believing.


I have had two members of my family die in my arms, and there was no sign of life after death. There was complete and utter closure.

It would be wonderful if there was, but from what I have seen not only from my family members but in my job also when I had to deal with people in road accidents, there was no sign of anything, just death, a final end to a life.

If there was life after death then I know that my family would reappear and be back with me and make themselves known that they are back, but this has never happened.

Some people who have died and come back have said that there is a white light. A documentary about the research of this have said that this is because there is a chemcial in the brain that is released near death, so this is what I believe, it makes more sense to me.

I believe that we are like batteries, we have so much energy and when it is gone, it is gone, end of story.

Back to your question, where you mention people put in the fire, and they came to life again, I would guess that they weren't actually dead in the first place, perhaps drugged or drunk, or frightened by the activities that they were doing in their church, as some of these churches seem to make people go into trances of absolute fright, so these may people may pass out, appear dead and then find themselves being burnt on the pyre, so of course they are going to wake up and come screaming off the pyre.

This sounds more like black magic or voodoo to me. Dangerous stuff!


You know what this is something very personal and I think we all come to her own conclusions about life and life after death if there is such a thing.

Think about it this way, we humans have brains the problem with the brains is that even if we want to recognize it our brains are very limited and they are not capable of thinking about something that we haven't seen the past. That's the problem with the history of life after death. We can only think about life after death because life is the only thing that we have experienced. Or brains are just incapable of imagining something else. What if we go to a different planet? After we are dead. What if we just continue existing but in a different dimension? I mean there are countless of possibilities but were brains are just so limited that we can not think of all the possibilities that they are.

I'm not against life after death. I think it's a cool story and hopefully it's true so we can experience and continue living. However, that's where the problem lies, where thinking about continuing being alive after we start dying. So we are just reflecting our desires of continue to be alive after we die.

I just think that life is amazing and we should experience every single day with joy and happiness. What will happen after we die is something that we will never find out. So creating false expectations is in our brains is just as wrong as everything else.


No, I don't believe in life after death. If you believe in it, that does not change anything. You can have a deck of cards and believe the first card is an eight,but that will do nothing. There's no point in believing when you can find out for yourself.

Life after death is misleading because it assumes that you actually die. When you look at a body that is no longer animated, you assume death because of the cultural belief and scientific belief, or any belief.

There is an enormous amount of research and evidence in parapsychology and consciousness studies that shows life persists with, or without a brain. All that happens is a switch of what are called data streams. It's like going to a new level in Mario.

The thing about dead bodies coming back to life is interesting. But,don't buy too much into anything until you experience it. That is the best approach. Anything is possible in a probabilistic, virtual reality.

With quantum computers coming into existence and the advancement of technology, the paradigm shift will probably occur in the next 30 years or so. But, the evidence is already out there if you'd like to read it.


Life after death as the person does not REALLY die? erm not really though I've heard stories about people who supposed to be death and did not die due to some doctors error or something .They'd then tell a story how heaven or hell was real because they were in it. Now if you are talking about if we die, our soul or something goes somewhere and have a whole new life such as reincarnation, I do believe in that. The reason being would be it's too depressing to think that we're going to be gone for good and then nothing else. Something got us here in the first place,something will get us to the reincarnation as well is what I think. I personally think it's a good thinking instead of thinking YOLO and then do stupid things just because you think you only live once.


No i do not believe in life after death. I believe that once you close your eyes for the last time and pass away you are done. We all are buried and left to rot for years unless you are cremated.

I think that it would be really weird seeing people that have already died come back to life. I'm not sure how I would feel if people were able to come back to life again. On one hand I feel like it would be really boring because there is not much else to do after you have lived life already. Plus no one would expect that you are still alive so they wouldn't pay any attention to you. On the other hand it might be cool to come back and live a new life and accomplish new goals.


You can find a great deal of anecdotal information about life after death. The Near Death Experience Research Foundation collects these "stories" and you can read them here: [ http://www.nderf.org/ ].

I have experienced this. It is OK for people to doubt what I describe, but to doubt my word or to question my motives, etc., seem insulting to me. The documented events where medical professionals have determined that a person is dead and then "come back to life" should cause the naysayers to suspend their negative opinions.

But they don't. This should tell you a great deal about such folks.


I do believe it's possible, although obviously there's no real proof-- except for the stories from Near Death survivors. If you begin to do research in philosophy and metaphysics, you'll begin to discover that there's no reason to believe everything just ceases to be when you die.

Read some of Robert Lanza's work on Biocentrism. He believes that consciousness creates reality.
Therefore, if one's consciousness doesn't believe that it is dead, don't you feel that its possible that what we call ghosts could exist?


Everything is energy; we are energy. It's a scientific fact that energy does not die. So, we do not die, but the transformation is unknown.

I have experienced paranormal activity and I sometimes feel that people who do not believe in life after death (whatever kind of life it may be) has not had a spiritual experience.


Thank you friends for providing your ideas!