If you believe in ghosts...

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Why do you think only some people "stick around". Generally it is thought that those who have "unfinished" business or who died violent deaths get stuck in the middle, but if that were the case there would be a ghost in every home or in every family. What do you think?

I'm personally a bit of a skeptic, but I don't completely brush off the possibility of ghosts. Besides, the myths and legends behind them have always fascinated me, whether or not ghosts are real.

As to your question about why some people become ghosts and others do not - yes, the most common theories are that those who die traumatic deaths or have unfinished business or other connections to the world are more likely to become ghosts. There are other stories that say not receiving a proper burial is another factor, some ghosts have unfulfilled desires, and some just love the world (or their house) too much and don't want to leave.

Yes, it would seem that these causes for "ghosthood" would lead to ghosts everywhere, however, just because somebody would be more likely to become a ghost doesn't mean he or she definitely would become one.


This is a very interesting question. We can only theorize why there aren't more earth-bound spirits. I think I have an idea of why more aren't choosing to stay... It has been said that when we die, if we were successful in this life we go to the light. The light is were all spirits should ideally wish to be. But all isn't ideal and spirits may become confused.

There are many reasons this is possible, more likely when their vibration frequency is low. I feel that when a spirit is experiencing low vibration frequency, it is possible that they are attracted to the lower vibrations of our plane. It is odd though that they don't tire of that, when the option is the light.

Even if they have to go to the area where people go when they fail this lifetime, it's still a way to earn the chance to get back to the light.

I get messages from some family members and friends that have passed. A couple of them did end up in that place (no, not hell). They describe it like a classroom, and they are proud of what they learn - that is once they are ready to do so. Their entire thing there is to improve their spirit and learn how important it is to treat others well as we proceed through life.

At least that's how I understand it the way it has been described to me. They do not sound distressed to be where they are. They are happy to be working their way back to the light.


I think it may be a choice, also just because you may go into the light I don't think that means you cannot ever come back and keep watch on whoever you need to. I also firmly believe that some people do not know they have died and it may take them awhile to realize this, especially those who have died suddenly or unexpectedly. I never understood that reference to "unfinished" business, I believe that once we leave our bodies many of the earthly things are of no consequence to us any longer. I can understand certain things like a parent of young children who passed may want to stick around to watch their children grow, but to me that's not unfinished business, its just a parent thing.

I think we will all have a choice to make, "the light" is not to be a prison and I don't believe that we are forbidden to come back and take a peek or hang around. Everyone has someone who will be waiting on the other side for them, to greet them, perhaps they also give them a manual to the other side to make the transition easier, but none of us will know until it happens to us.

Good question!


I don't believe in these things.
If ghosts really existed then how come terrorists who killed people brutally are still alive and some people who killed someone and is not still caught are enjoying their lives. If ghosts existed i am sure that they would have given their murderers the same horrible death.
And refer to terrorist like Ben Laden, did the ghosts come after him or did the ghosts kill him ? No it was soldiers who did that !
But sometimes, even i have experienced paranormal things. I could not still know whether it was my illusion or it was a fact : one day at night, i was driving my car and i was alone and when i was driving i suddenly saw a small girl without legs in the roads, i was definitely afraid and after a while it vanished. I could not still figure out whether that was a fact or not.
But i always try to make myself believe that ghosts do not exist so that i can drive at night. It's all in your mind. If you believe in ghosts, you will be scared by seeing anything paranormal. But if you are brave, ghosts won't be able to even move your hair !


I read a book by the writer of the TV series 'Ghost Whisperer', the show is based on the clairvoyant writers personal experiences, she claims to help the dead move on from earth. What she said of this which kind of makes sense, is that when someone dies there is a white light near them that is a portal to the after-life. The spirit remains on earth after the body dies, and the portal hovers around the spirit for a few days after death. The spirit can choose either to go through the portal to leave earth or not, because they don't want to leave yet for some reason. If the spirit doesn't throught the portal within a few days after death, the portal will close, and they can get stuck here as they don't know how to leave. Apparently they can still leave by exiting through another recently deceased's portal, they can choose to leave whenever they like really although they might not know it. This is just a theory that i've heard, i don't know whether i beleive it or not myself.


I think it also depends on what level of developments the spirit is at. Sometimes those on the lower levels are 'afraid' of the light that awaits them and choose not to go toward it. They may be confused about what they can expect. There may be other attachments keeping them between the earth and the astral plane. They may be pining over a lost love or they don't realize they left the body.

Most spirits when they leave their physical bodies know that their earthly experience is over and they ascend toward the light. They are confident in hat they have completed what they came here to do. Others, even in life have no direction. They become even more confused after physical death, especially if they weren't expecting it, and can't make up their minds what to do. Have they completed their work? They are just not sure and fear the worst.


When it comes to ghosts and spirits, there is so much more than we can understand.
It does seem that some spirits are "stuck" on the earth plane, while others come and go at will, or when they have an important message to convey. Many seem to never come back at all.
The "why" is a very big question, and one that we can only speculate on. Possibly some just aren't ready to let go of their lives and the people that they love, while others may be trying to right the wrongs that occurred during their lifetimes.
I would imagine that the reasons for coming or going may be as individual as any person is.
It's a very interesting question, but one that we won't truly know the answer to, until it's our own turn to take that journey.


So I'm getting some interesting theories: low frequency, some people don't know they are dead, some people don't want to let go of loved ones, only people succesful in this life will go the light. Some of these answers leave me even more confused. I think I get why someone who was killed suddenly or violently would stay around. They probably are confused. The theory that people with unfinished business would stay leaves me perplexed...because isn't that like 90% of the population. I don't think anyone wants to leave their children and I think most people have unfinished business.