If there were some ancient aliens that visited the earth thousands of years ago...

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What happened to them? Why have the aliens not returned, or did they stay here and we are their descendants?

The believable sounding theories by van Däniken are absoluetly ridiculous when you actually take the time to think logically about them. Why would an alien race with the technology to travel light years help acient man make the lowest tech things. Are pyramids really that advanced? No! They're the largest structure you can make without reinforced steel. There are no archways, curves, flying butresses, cantilevered balconies. It's a pile of organized rock. A BIG pile of rocks, mind you, but extremely primitive.

Pyramids are really an obvious structure to build, which is why they're so many around the world. And they are different, despite what van Däniken says. Very different. They all have four sides and usually point toward the North star. A no brainer for acient man.

Probably the most telling thing is that the pyramids and other items were built DURING recorded history. There are records that tell us how and when they're built (thank you Rosetta Stone!) Ancient Egypt is full of bird headed gods and sun gods, etc, but no record of them every coming down and help with the building and painting. Those pictures of people flying comets and stars fall in the same category of Apollo driving the Sun across the sky. It's just a myth to explain the (at the time) unexplainable.

Also, look at the advances in tracking our DNA throughout history. There's no surprising influx of mystery genes at any time. We're pretty good at tracing our DNA before mammals even showed up. I don't think the acient aliens went back 150 million years and helped a prehistoric gecko pile up some rocks.

If acient aliens did ever come to our planet, boy, did we get the short end of the stick. They could have brought great technology, intergalactic travel, world peace, endless food, irrigation and farming techniques, etc.

I should get a t-shirt made. "Ancient aliens visited my planet and all I got was this lousy T-shirt (and a few pyramids).

NOTE to Chuck: Who said the pictures were painted after the pyramid was assembled? They could have been painted during the process and had tons of sunlight to guide them.


While I don't doubt that life exists on other planets, I don't believe that aliens from other planets ever visited the earth.

I remember reading Eric von Däniken's book "Chariots of the Gods" back in the 1970s after watching some TV documentary about the book and his theory. The TV show made some very persuasive points about unexplained things and occurrences in ancient times which were logically explained by von Däniken's theory.

One of these was the wall and ceiling paintings deep inside the Egyptian pyramids. Both the book and the TV show made a big deal about the fact that not only did no outside light penetrate the interior of the pyramids where these pictures were there was also no evidence of soot left behind by torches or candles which were the only type of artificial light available.

So, aliens must have brought electric lights with them to use in painting the pictures in the pyramids - but then took the lights home with them making humans wait thousands of years before figuring out how to harness and use electricity for lighting.

The leafing through a 1930s travel book one day I came across a section on Egypt where the author was enthusiastically describing the paintings inside a pyramid while noting that travelers often asked how these could have been painted in the dark without the use of torches or candles which would have left soot behind on the walls. The answer was simple, the ancients apparently used a series of mirrors, just as local workers used a series of mirrors to reflect outside sunlight into the dark interior of the pyramids (apparently there were still no electricity available in the Egyptian desert in the 1930s so the locals had to rely on ancient practices). This is when I started rethinking van Däniken's theories.

I have since see logical explanations for the other "unexplainable" ancient mysteries that von Däniken attributed to visiting aliens.

So, no, I don't believe in theories of aliens being responsible for starting life and civilization on Earth.


There are many things that could have happened. One is that they are conducting an experiment and they been watching ever since.

Another is that some of them left and if any stayed behind they died off or were taken over and killed by humans. The humans would not know anything about the technology they used and it would be lost and forgotten.

Or maybe a civilization knew about them but were wiped out by another civilization and the information died with them. Maybe that's why religion was created to hide the truth and scare us with hell if we believe in anything but their belief.

Maybe they are explorers that come and gone and are doing the same thing on other planets. There could have also been two races here and they had a war and killed each other off. Then there is also the theory that they mixed their DNA with Neanderthals and created us. I think that there were visitors in the past and it is being hidden from the general public.

There are too many unexplained things with a lot of structures all over the world and at the very least we were a lot smarter than they let us believe. I would like to hear about the origins of the giant Chinese pyramids but they won't tell anything about them and won't let anyone study them maybe they have more evidence of the truth.

Some cultures such as the Mayans, the Hopi and the Dogan's believe they will return so maybe we will witness the truth for ourselves one day.


There are some different theories on this topic, but one that I find most interesting. Yes, there were aliens in ancient times that were on the planet earth. Some think that there are aliens among us now. They don't look like aliens, they look like normal people from earth. Supposedly they are here to see how this planet progresses, like its an experiment to them. Maybe it is, who knows.
The interesting thing is that we all tend to live in our own ego centered worlds. We are just so important in our own minds, and our needs and wants come first. Every once in awhile, when I'm not obsessed with what I need to do, or should be doing, I just stop and think. We are all kind of like little worker ants here. It's like we're on auto pilot with blinders on. Not only are there so many billions of people on this planet, but it's amazing to think we are truly specks in the universe. We have no idea how many other universes exist, and if there are more beings out there. Who knows what their purpose is, and I sometimes wonder what our own purpose is. The universe is filled with infinite energy. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that the earth is a science experiment from some being on another planet!


I feel that the fairly common 'starseed' theory makes a lot of sense. The starseed theory would dictate that all humans (spiritually) descended from beings from other planets. As a matter of fact I have studied this and believe that my spiritual lineage originated from the Pleiades.

There are different views of the starseed theory. One strain suggests that some humans have lineage descended from planetary locations other than Earth. Another suggests that all humans descended from lineages other than those originating on this planet. The second one gets my vote.

What I believe, based upon the starseed theory, is that all of us carry the spiritual resonance of our lifetimes as aliens. So we are those ancient aliens.

I believe, as many do nowadays, that when these ancient beings (whose spirits originated on another planet than Earth) ceased to live, they either reincarnated as humans, or else took up lives on other planets.

So wherever their spirit resides now is where they are. It literally could be any planetary location.


If "aliens" with advanced technologies visited here long ago they left no traces that cannot be attributed to humans. Arkady and Strugatsky created, in "Roadside Picnic" a picture of the effects truly alien artefacts would have on a community. Everything would change and the regions near an artefact could become very dangerous.

The stories of alien visitations involve humanoids with technical abilities always just ahead of the best humans have. This is not credible.

In one case an "alien" was seen bending over a broken spacecraft. Surely a race that could span the galaxy would have reliable spacecraft, a breakdown service or something similar. But an engine that is fixed with a spanner?

If truly advanced aliens have visited they might teleport not fly ships and might look like rocks or trees. Or just know how to be invisible. And their technology would be unrecognisable.

Unless of course they were just paying games with us


It takes so much energy and time to travel space. I think if they came here they did so at great expense and may have been traveling for generations before they landed here, with the intention to survive on a new planet, and thus create a new population of themselves (humanity). I think there will come a day when mankind will have to do this. We are just way to complicated to be this simple. We are probably using less than 9 percent of our brains because we are designed for space travel.

Yet, I don't think that they landed yet. I'm just saying it is possible and if they did thousands of years back then they probably died or became what we are today. I see more evidence that mother earth spawned us, and we came from billions of years of evolution that originated from this planet which is still in the process of making us. I speculate the day we hit the space waves out there and get moving will be mankind's real birthday.


Probably because there were and are no ancient aliens. Or the ancient aliens view humans as too primitive to become involved with. Another way of looking at it is, they just don't care unless we pose a threat. Either way we can't look at them the same way we look at ourselves. I don't think an encounter with an exoplanet's inhabitants will be like anything we could ever think of. We still have to work on getting off this rock.


It seems that aliens have visited the earth for centuries they just wont reveal themselves to us for some reason so we dont have a choice but to leave it at that.