If aliens exist why haven't they contacted us directly?

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If you believe they exist please explain your theory as to why they would refrain from direct contact with us. This is asked considering the many reports made by people having claimed to have seen a UFO which would indicate aliens come here but do not wish to interact with us directly.

You have clearly had some very good answers so far, but I think this can be reduced a little further to a fairly simple explanation.

Think of a chicken farm or a cattle ranch. Have you ever been near one and had the inkling to go over and try to "communicate" with any of the animals? Me neither. That's what we seem like to their much higher level of development--cattle or chickens. Why in the world would they want to try to communicate with us? What would be their incentive? Why would they even care anything at all about our paltry attempts at civilization?

Now, assuming they actually have been here (which is, after all, a fairly reasonable assumption, considering all the reports from all the way back to ancient times), they apparently do have SOME reason for visiting this planet. But to assume it has anything to do with a desire to communicate with the animal life here is an arrogant and self-serving assumption completely without merit.

The answer is, we're not really worth their time. As has already been suggested, we could be... Check that. We almost certainly WOULD BE dangerous to pursue communication with. So, if there is absolutely nothing to gain, and everything to lose, why bother trying?


In approaching this question one must consider two factors: the probability of intelligent life capable of space travel, and the distance between planets. Most people tend to vastly overestimate the former and greatly underestimate the latter.

First, any potential visitors must be sufficiently technologically advanced. To make an educated guess as to the number of such civilizations, we have only one practical measure available -- the example of our own solar system, where no such capabilities exist after billions of years of evolution. Still, given the gargantuan number of stars and planets in the cosmos, it's still reasonable to assume there are plenty of viable candidates SOMEWHERE in the universe.

Yet that number of candidates is dramatically reduced by our second consideration: distance. The closest stars to our own are light years away. Even if a civilization possessed technology far beyond our own, relativistic limitations would still mean travel times measured in decades, at the very least. This essentially limits the potential candidates for alien visitors to what, on a galactic scale, would be considered our "neighborhood."

Given these qualifications, I seriously doubt that we'll EVER be visited by aliens from beyond our solar system. I think a much more likely possibility is some sort of long-distance communication, which requires less technology (and thus increases the number of potential candidates) and is less restricted by distance (though even at light-speed, such transmissions could take years between messages).

Of course, that's assuming we don't destroy ourselves or our planet first.


The aliens have been trying to communicate with us for centuries, only we, as primeval beings to their advanced nature, are not 'evolved' enough in our own growth to understand their messages. They have been monitoring our progress and can see that we are indeed evolving, we have not reached a point where we can understand them and communicate with them directly. Their very presence could blind and deafen us, it is so powerful and ethereal.

One method they use to communicate and help us grow and understand them comes through the creation of crop circles. There are many paranormal researchers and metaphysicists who specialize in this area and study the crop circle formations with their complex geometrical designs. They are beginning to understand what some of these messages refer to.
Of course, there will always be skeptics and debunkers. Not much information about these mysterious designs has been made public. It seems that every time a free thinking scientist comes close to discovering a truth which goes against conventional scientists, there is a desperate rush and demand from the government authorities and militaries to the mass media to cover it up.

I for one would love to resonate on the same level as an extraterrestrial being, but look around. We humans have difficulty understanding each other and each other's cultures. Imagine now what would happen if an alien race from another part of the universe were to come for dinner?


There could be many reasons why aliens haven't contacted us, some of them malicious, some good. It is possible that they are controlled by a sort of Prime Directive (like the Federation was in Star Trek) which prevents them from interfering with inferior civilisations, which haven't developed space travel yet. On the other hand it is possible that they are using humanity for some kind of nefarious purpose, and the panic and confusion that contact with them would create would interfere with their operation.

Of course it is possible that aliens have contacted us, possibly the President of the United States and other important figures know about the aliens, but they have chosen to hide that from the common people for a number of reasons. Personally I have always thought Donald Trump is an alien in disguise.

Of course it is possible that aliens exist on a distant planet, but they are not more technologically advanced that we are. They could still be in the alien equivalent of stone age. Therefore they would not know about us, and we don't know about them. Although the last scenario would suggest that UFO sightings are not real.


By Aliens I assume you mean extra terrestrials? There are indeed beings that are not human. These beings, from many many planets and dimensions have and do make contact with humans. Like us, there are good and bad ( light and dark ) forces. They make contact very rarely in physical form but the usual way is by message and telepathically.

I have had contact and message from many such beings. Although I understand that for there to be good there must be bad forces, I have not had any experience with any of these. My understanding is that their consciousness has evolved so far that they bring light to each experience instead of being caught by doubt and fear as we do. The messages that I have received number in the hundreds . There are many people like me who are in contact or who recieve messages or assistance.

They ( aliens) are working with humans ( whether the humans are aware of it or not) to increase our consciousness so that we may live in tolerance and acceptance instead of the fear and hatred that now drives us.


Most of the movies with aliens are about people killing aliens or trying to kill them. In reality people have shot and killed what they thought was the Loch Ness Monster. People panic and run away or become trigger happy. There have been many cases where a person saw something they had never seen before and their first thought was to kill it. If aliens contacted us directly there is a very good chance something bad would happen.

If aliens are smart enough to travel through space to get to earth they are smart enough to know that they should not contact us directly. They would not just come to earth and say hi. There would need to be a very good reason to contact us directly. If aliens did contact us directly it would mean they wanted something from us like our resources. Aliens that watch us are learning. Aliens that announce themselves to the world most likely want to take something.


There are a variety of reasons why if aliens did exist they haven't contact us.

To help see "their" point of view ask your self why you haven't contacted anyone in another country or another state or even in a different city.

Fear and uncertainty can create hesitation to reach out. "Aliens" could be evaluating us for various of reasons, are we peaceful or they sizing us up for a take over?

Consider the events that happened after Christopher Columbus landed on Plymouth Rock, peace with the natives began with a well known event called "Thanksgiving" then came war.

A lot of emotions would run high if/when we make contact with life from other world.

That's my opinion.

Thank you for the question.


Actually there are many people who think aliens have contacted us, although this contact was thousands of years ago.

Many people feel that aliens were involved in teaching us how to build the pyramids and other great structures of the past, even stonehenge! Many people suggest that aliens were depicted in Egyptian art and other early art forms. They say that what we think of now as being halos on angles were actually gas masks on aliens, and images of flying angels was really suppose to represent aliens flying around.

If you ask why aliens have not contacted us now, perhaps they tried, and their method of communication is different than ours, or they have watched us and prefer that - almost like an extended version of Star Trek's prime directive.


I would imagine that we look very volatile from afar, if not a bit barbaric, especially if they are more advanced beings.
They may wonder how we would react to them, when we all share the same planet, and are killing each other. I can't imagine why they would decide to take the chance.
Hopefully, if they're out there, they also see that there are many kind, compassionate and peaceful beings on planet Earth.
Thank you for the interesting question.


Maybe the reason aliens have chosen not to contact us is because they don't view the human race as intelligent beings.