I've heard ghost stories all my life, has it ever been clearly caught on camera?

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If not, has activity of a ghost clearly been caught on camera?

I think it is all fake, and power of suggestion. Everyday we see photographs of little ghost children on photographs, and people actually believe them, they really think that ghosts have been caught, but the other day myself and my children were messing about with a photo editor, and we were looking for ghostly things, and guess what we found, little girl ghosts, that can be put onto photographs and faded out, so that they do look very ghostly, and I would bet my bottom dollar that people are using these to get their articles in the papers.

There have been many ghost hunter television programmes where they see orbs, and they say that they are spirits flying around, well how come it is only on television that these orbs appear,? I think that they are maybe some kind of insect that lights up under the special photo lighting.

I think that what is caught on camera is something other than a ghost, there must be some explanation for whatever it is that they think they see, but I really don't believe that they are ghosts, or maybe I am wrong. I would love to be wrong, as I would love for there to be ghosts, so long as they were good ones!


I'm a big fan of the Ghost Hunters show. They use high tech equipment in an attempt to capture images, heat signatures and electronic voice phenomena. These people go into alleged haunted homes or businesses and try to disprove the haunting. Many times, they will find that the doors slamming shut by themselves are due to the slant of the floor, or the image of the face in the mirror is caused by passing car lights.

However, sometimes they find some very eerie things and that includes visual phenomena as well as voices. They have recordings of both and I think it's pretty fascinating stuff. Yes, this particular show does appear to have caught ghosts on camera.

Please note that there are other paranormal shows on TV that are very hokey. Ghost Hunters is the only one out there that, in my opinion, seems to be on the level. If you haven't seen it, make a point of watching the show.


No. The physical form of a full ghost, or at least a large part of the body has not been recorded that I know of. I watch a lot of ghost reality shows and I have never seen it on any of them. I'm sure if there were such a thing in existence it would have hit the airwaves by now. I'm also sure that if you go on youtube you will probably see lots of supposed ghost videos. What I have seen of ghosts are usually floating balls that look more like dust to me. There was one video where this dust looking ball seemed to be intelligent. It would disappear when someone came in the room, and then reemerge when the person would leave. I am a cynic, but I must admit that was kind of creepy.


How are you defining "Ghost." There have been energy forms capture on video and EVPs caught on tape. An EVP is an electronic voice phenomena that records voices heard in a room that are not of anyone present.

It's scientific evidence that energy does not die and everything is energy. Sometimes there's residual energy and sometimes it can be an intelligent energy. I've seen a lot of the ghost hunting shows (obviously) and there are many that I do believe.

I like the fact that they do try to debunk it before they claim it's paranormal in any way.


There has never been any proof of ghosts. However, there is a good theory as to why people think certain places are haunted. Apparently vibrations of a certain level cause people to have a "creepy" feeling, and blurs their vision, and can cause mild hallucinations. The kind of vibration that can come from a malfunctioning generator, or wind hitting old walls just right.
Which is not to say that ghosts aren't possible. But there might be another explaination for many so-called haunted houses.


This is a cool question because plenty of people say that this is possible in plenty of people are trying to prove other people wrong regarding this subject.

I have to say that most of them are wrong. I have to say that most of the and doesn't have any idea what it is to see a ghost.

Ghost stories a really cool stories to hear because they might be interesting but also you have to understand that this is not true. This is just the subject of imagination.


Well I had a lot of experiences but in that moment trust me, the last thing you think about is to take your phone or cam to record it.
Peoplo who record with the intent to record something never record anything. Usually it's just dust and stuff like that. I don't think they can be recorded. At least not video, sound maybe.


There have been recordings/ sightings of ghosts, however because of technology and editing these days, you can not be certain that the captures are for real. Until you see it with your own eyes, that is when you will have the true evidence.


The reason I think what are called ghosts could exist, is because they have been caught on camera, in the days before photo shop /image editing. Google "old ghost photos" for some good examples.


NOPE! you can't see them.