How can I prove I have a lady ghost in my home

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A lady ghost is in my home. she wears a brown pleated skirt with a black apron, she has long ,brown hair that looks like she has had a perm curl in it. you can smell brownies, cakes, and coffee cooking throughout my home. things have been moved on a shelf I have in the living room, she touched my hair and moved it and the room got icy cold when this happened and when my husband seen her walking down our hallway. how can I tell if this is a ghost ? please reply asap

After the passing of my father he visited me four times to let me know that he was alright. The day of his funeral when I looked into his casket -- the person's body lying there looked nothing like my father. I was at peace that his spirit had moved on.

Then the second time he visited me was during a long distance phone call from my son (who was young at the time). My inlaws kept him while my husband and I travelled over seas for my father's funeral. The phone rang in my parents house. I answered the call and the voice said "mom how are you?", but it was the voice of my deceased father coming through my son. In shock, I handed the phone to my husband. After they talked my husband confirmed what I experienced was my father.

The third time my father visited me was through a neighbor. I was walking through a garden/park and I felt a strong presence of my father. As my neighbor was walking in the opposite direction I was approaching I stopped and gave him all of the space he needed to walk. It was an amazing feeling of confirmation I felt.

The fourth time was when my husband, son, and I were on vacation. My husband was playing his guitar and a stranger appeared. He listened for a while then began a conversation with my husband and son. Every morning for about three or four days they got together in the lobby of the guest house.

Finally, on the day before the man was leaving, my husband and my son brought this man to meet me. He laughed, looked and acted just like my father. I was awe struck. These four experiences where confirmed by my husband that my father has visited me in the spirit.

On the other hand, my mother passed away three years ago. I worry about her well-being because she has not visited me at all since she left me. Sometimes I hear voices calling my name. I turn in the direction of the call, but there has never been a confirmation that she is alright.

The spirit that is in your home has been experienced by both you and your husband. This should be proof enough. It sounds like she is someone that has not let go of her home and her roles -- especially the wearing of her apron and baking.

Obviously she feels comfortable with you. If she is not causing anyone any harm, just let her be. However, if the circumstances become too overwhelming either ask her to please move on or consider moving.

I wish you success.


To be very honest,it doesn't sound spooky. If she is a ghost, she might be a good spirit. and to tell you truth, good spirits are always helping for you and your family. You didn't mentioned anything that sound horrifying in your details, she is behaving just like a family member so if you have courage, let her be there with you and keep in mind one thing please, DON'T DISCUSS her with anyone outside, it will annoy her and she will start disturbing you.

I have noticed many thing in my home too but I'm not irritated by them, I have read somewhere that good spirits and ghost protect their place from many evil things because they love the place they use to live. Their live a longer life than the human beings and where they live, they can't afford leaving that place. They sometime use your things specially in kitchen, you have already noticed the things getting moved, but the good thing is that they always put them back at the right place.

If you want to be a friend of them,let them be there with you friendly and I'm telling again,if they are not irritating you then don't discuss them with someone. Or if you don't find yourself courageous enough,move out to some other home because it's quite difficult to move them out.



This sounds like a pretty calm entity. It could be a spirit or it could be an emotional impression on the home itself. A memory impressed in to the atmosphere of the home.
It is professed that most spirits only need to be asked politely to leave. If you were only seeing her , I would have told you to go and get checked for visual disturbances. In case you had any medical issues. But seeing as you have smells associated with comfort and care. I would suggest she is a spirit. Check on the history of the property.

I would not even try and convince others who do not believe you. It is fruitless. It really does not matter how much evidence you gain. Some will never believe you.

If you only see her, she may be a persistent presence. If you see others, you may be a seer through the veil. Some one who has vision of this plane and the other.The veil thins at certain times of the year or in certain times in your life. Sometimes when we are in grieving.


Yeah, I was wondering what Chater49 said too. Is this, umm, entity annoying you, or do you need a license for it?

There's this guy who gives ghost tours around Leesburg and he has some sort of non-spiritual explanation for why ghosts sort of imprint on a place, and he says battlefields have a lot of them. I was there with a friend and we chatted with a local who lives in an old house where a lady's image appears regularly in an old mirror, and across the street the ghost of a doctor from the Civil War era shows up on the lawn. So we were told. It was the same way people talked about the ghosts when I worked at a haunted theater, it was like "oh, that's soandso", very matter-of-fact.

It doesn't sound as if the lady is bothering anyone. If you want her to go I'm sure a "ghost whisperer" can help her move on but can't the two of you get along?


You could try to look up the names of former owners or tenants of your home in years past. You might find information about a woman who lived there during the time period when clothing such as those she wears were fashionable. It sounds like you are describing a woman from the mid-1800s especially with the hair style.

I think that if you could get a picture or video of her that might be some proof but there would always be skeptics and non-believers. And who knows if a ghost can be caught on film. You might want to look into a psychic if you believe in that sort of thing who may try to communicate with the spirit to see why she is lingering.

It is an interesting story and I am glad I do not have a roommate like that although having the smell of brownies cooking would be a nice touch.


Brownies, cakes, coffee ; you have little Debbie ghost in your house. Haha. Send her to my house. Just kidding. On a serious note, its a ghost. If your husband seen her too than you know that its not your imagination or your eyes playing tricks on you. Ghosts ( spirits ) use the energy in the room to manifest themselves or to move objects ect. And that is the reason for the "cold spots". If she means no harm and is not bothering you than why do anything about it? I am fascinated by ghosts . Maybe that's why I have had several experiences my self. Only one house was I afraid of the spirit that was there. All the other experiences have been pleasant and some very comforting because it was my dad soon after he passed away. Anyway good luck and best wishes for you and your family


Go talk to a priest and maybe they will need to perform an exorcism. But if it is a dark entity then it might come back even harder then before because of the exorcism.

Has the ghost tried to scare you or say anything frightening?

Their are good ghosts that do no harm and their are bad ones.

You can try to move out of the house. If you really want to prove her existence, offer the unbelievers a stay at your home and tell them I will give you money if you sleep over my house and you will see for yourself if they are real.

You can call a paranormal investigator group, those type of people like Zack in ghost adventures and TAPS


I dont know what to say but if it's true try to do any steps to get rid of from your home


You can tell to your close one who one beleives you


Why do you need to prove it?